#1 My second time around with yet another kind of cancer.

I have no idea why I wanted to start a blog and if I’m the only one who ever reads this, I’m ok with that. I was just diagnosed 10/24/11 with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma that has spread to my lymph nodes and I’m about to do the whole chemo thing again. I thought it would be good for me to keep track of how this all goes so that if I manage to live through this I could look back at how it all happened, and If I don’t then my family will have a way to hear my words again.

At fifteen I was diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma of the right distal femer…Bone Cancer. I went through all the chemo treatments and had my right leg amputated after which I did another round of chemo because the first two chemo drugs that almost killed me weren’t working. I was told I was being put in a study group that tested higher doses of stronger drugs and I guess it worked because I’m here now…twenty five years later. I was told back then that I wouldn’t live very long and that if I did I would never be able to have children. Who says Dr.’s know everything? I met my husband when we were about sixteen years old, after my hair had grown back and I was used to walking on my crutches, so he’s never seen me with two legs. He loved me for who I was and not what I looked like so I have to say that I’m very lucky we found each other. We had Justin when we were eighteen and then Jessica two years later. I’m so happy that we had our children early because now they’re 19 and 21 and better able to deal with mom having cancer…again. My husband,”Rick” has been there for me through a lot of medical problems mostly due to having only one leg and the after effects of the chemo I had before. Now I move around the house in my wheelchair when I’m downstairs and use my crutches when I go upstairs or leave the house. These new tumors make it very painful to walk on my crutches though and I’m told that after I have my next surgery to take out these new tumors that I probably won’t be able to walk anymore. I never could use a prosthetic leg because my amputation was very high and i grew neuromas on the nerve endings that had to be surgically removed every few years, also very painful.

Rick and I used to own a vehicle recovery company but when I had Bacterial Meningitis a few years ago we had to shut it down. I loved being in a tow truck. I don’t know many women who love towing but I did and I really didn’t care what anyone else thought. I found something I was really great at and I was able to spend more time with Rick. We both loved being able to work together. We had planned to grow the business and include other family members so that when our kids were old enough we could pass it on to them. It was kinda cute watching my daughter learn to load and unload cars and trucks and she loved it too. Since I couldn’t get back into a truck right away Rick took a job with another towing company and after a year of working for them he was hit by a car while unloading a flatbed tow truck. A few weeks later while on medical leave he had a heart attack. He was fired from his job while waiting to be cleared for surgery to fix the damage done to his neck from the accident so now we’re up to our eyeballs in law suites. Now we heard this week that it was safe for him to have the surgery he needs so he can get back to work, but we were also told that I have Breast Cancer that is spreading. Our son lives here in town but our daughter had just moved to the east coast with a family member so telling her about my cancer was pretty difficult. Her first response was to hurry home to me. I told her no, I promised her that if I found out that I would die any time soon that I would let her know right away and she could come home. I just don’t want her to put her life on hold to watch me being sick from the chemo and radiation treatments. My husband is hurting for me and there’s no lack of support from my friends and family so as this new journey begins I know I’m not alone. I’ve been reading everything I could find on this new cancer and joined a breast cancer support group online. I wanted to give whoever reads this blog a little back round on me so that maybe it would make more sense to anyone who doesn’t know me personally. I plan to document everything that happens and hopefully I’ll have a happy ending when I’m done with this new cancer.


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