10# Sometimes it’s the little things.

Last night Rick brought in a package that the UPS guy left on my front doorstep. I open it up and found an assortment of M&Ms and gifts from my sister Elaine, and my daughter Jesse.  Apparently when Jesse visited her Aunt Elaine last week they gathered up a bunch of things that would make me happy and mailed it here to Arizona. I was very happy to find really big bags of different kinds of M&Ms and especially my favorite…the dark chocolate. I’m eating them now with my pumpkin spice flavored coffee. Little things like this makes me so happy. Last night Rick had his MRI to see how much worse the disc in his neck is so that he can go ahead with his surgery on Nov 29th. He’s so ready to have this done. We found out yesterday that I’m having another surgery tomorrow morning to have the power port put in my chest so that’s going to get my treatments going too. The first thing I really need to have done is that pet scan though. Until that’s done I still won’t know if these tumors have migrated to any other body parts and that’s bugging me a lot. Every time I have an ache or a pain anywhere I wonder if it’s another tumor. I’ll admit that I’m a little bit paranoid about this but who in their right mind wouldn’t be?

Rick’s third lawyer came by the house last night too and brought the fee schedule for the wrongful termination suit against his employer so that is one more thing to check off the list. We told her that this time the law suit has nothing to do with any money that will come out of it, it’s more because they fired him for being hurt and they made this whole thing very personal when it never was. Rick had nothing to do with his injury and handled everything exactly the way his employer wanted him too. His supervisor didn’t even have anything negative to say during the worker’s comp hearing about his job performance. He actually said that Rick was a great employee and he wanted twenty more just like him. We still don’t know why they fired him, but we’re not about to just let them get away with it. I can’t wait until Rick is able to go back to working and I know he’s ready to get going again soon, he’s had so much to deal with this past year.

So this morning I’ll drink my coffee and eat my dark chocolate M&Ms and relax a little. I finished all my housework last night so today I can relax a little bit and maybe(see Jason, I spelled it right this time) I’ll watch a movie or two.


3 thoughts on “10# Sometimes it’s the little things.

  1. I loved hearing you last night as you were opening the bags of M&Ms and joking with Rick! Him handing you an empty bag of M&M’s and saying “it’s broken” was just priceless; I laugh even today thinking about it! You two are wonderful and playful and it helped me to remember that you guys are still yourselves -the cancer and Rick’s neck surgery coming up are events in your lives. You posted about this earlier but last night was what it took for my brain to absorb your point more clearly. Thanks for being You! Please let Rick know he’s not forgotten -he’s got to be really worried about his upcoming neck surgery (even though he’s been waiting in pain for a year). It’s scary thinking about the recovery in the “halo” (boy the jokes he’s got coming with that!). Then he’s still there for you, as we hope all significant others will be, as you continue the daily emtional and soon medical war against cancer. There should be some recognition for family/friends who support your fight … like the appreciation we show the families who have loved ones in the armed forces. Well, in my mind we do. Rick is awesome! Thank you, Rick, for being there through everything and still be fun and playful at the end of the day!
    I love you both!

  2. My dear dear sista, I liked reading your comment and I hope other people also decide to let me know what they’re thinking about my writing so that I know what things I should write about. I am doing this blog for me but also for my friends and family so please keep the comments comming…it really helps.

  3. Hey, Cin, glad your resting at home, watching tv and resting after the power-port installation. You asked for replacement parts and you get “powered” up …. how fortunate is that? *grins*
    hope you rested well with the ‘powered up’ m&m’s. 🙂
    I will give you a call tomorrow (well, you’ll likely be reading this tomorrow *giggles*) just another day or two to heal and then things can get started with your treatments ….. I think we should come up with another word for that …. cuz I am doubting there isn’t a ‘treat’ in them at all! So, I will leave this for you so you know I was thinking about you!
    Love you lots!

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