#11 One more thing done.

OK…so Yesterday I had a tiny little procedure to implant a device in my chest that makes it easier to hook me up to an IV because after two previous chemo rounds my veins are terrible and it’s pretty much impossible to get meds into me and draw blood without an IV. I’ve had a port before and it was wonderful because it meant that I only have to get poked once instead of the usual eight to ten tries, and sometimes they can’t do it at all. My surgeon is a really nice woman and I like her very much, she doesn’t give me any grief about anything. The Anesthesiologist I had for my biopsy was great and I tried to get her again for yesterday but she wasn’t there so I agreed to have a different one. He was really in a great mood and was joking around with me and assured me that I would just go right to sleep and have a wonderful little nap and wake up refreshed…that’s not exactly how it happened though. They called in a guy to hook up my IV and with the help of an ultrasound machine he was able to get that taken care of and the nurse gave me a shot of what I call Happy Juice and I went right to sleep.. From what I was told, the Surgeon tried thirty times to get the port put in but she couldn’t get it to work on the left side(which is where I had my old port) so she went over to the right side and after a few more tries she was able to get it working properly. I’m not too sure how that’s going to work being as though the right side is where the cancer is. I guess the Anesthesiologist wasn’t paying very much attention to putting the tube down my throat because I feel like he must have just shoved it down there and it hurts worse that strep throat this morning. My left lung also hurts but just in one spot on the bottom in the back, I have no clue how they hurt me there because everything that they were doing was up higher than my chest.  So it looks like today will be a recovery day…Luckily my sister Dawn sent me more M&Ms so I’m all stocked up on them again. Dawn actually sent me some other things too like a calendar and note pad to keep track of my appointments and questions for the Doctors.  Guess what color they are…yep, pink. lol I love pink . She also sent me a necklace that she has one of too, it’s a silver chain with a silver heart and a little pink stone on the heart. I thought it was wonderful  of her to think of me and send me some things that are going to help me out as well as the assorted flavors of M&Ms which I truly believe are medicinal. My sister Elaine also sent me M&Ms along with an M&M holder (3 different compartments for different flavors) and essential oils  to keep in my purse to calm me down when I start to get stressed out. My sisters are wonderful and I wish that we didn’t all live in separate states, but I can’t even imagine all of us being close together because although we are all very different, we’re also very much alike and very opinionated. I am so grateful that I now won’t have any problems with getting IVs hooked up, so even though I hurt like crazy right now, it’s going to save me a lot of trouble and pain in the future. This does make me more afraid of the big surgery coming up though. That has to be more pain than this so I’m trying to prepare myself for it while at the same time not getting all worked up about it. What I wouldn’t give to just have a normal life… but I guess that’s out of the question.


One thought on “#11 One more thing done.

  1. Mornin’ Sunshine! Glad to see you right back on here, you sure are a tough nut to crack ~just kidding, the first one to crack you is gonna have about a dozen of us on their back!
    Off to work, but will check in later. *hugs*

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