#2 Elaine for Cindy

Hi Everyone,

Cindy is in some pain today -from the chest tube inserted last night. It was inserted more near the center of her chest than towards the side between the ribs as she’d expected. They have moved her from ICU to a Cardiac Unit to be able to monitor her breathing more closely and other things better. She says the pulmonologist has said that there is a hole still in her lung and he can hear “bubbles” when listening with a stethoscope. They’ll be checking daily until they no longer hear the “bubbles” then will keep her about another day afterwards just to be sure everything is alright.

To those who are sending love, support and those gentle hugs, keep ’em coming!

She was really sleepy from her meds and needed to get some rest.

So that’s the update for now. I’ll call back this evening and see how the day went, Rick was heading up to see her shortly after I spoke with him earlier this morning.


I would enjoy reading any comments you have, so please leave a reply or any questions!

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