#3 Elaine for Cindy

Hi Everyone, it’s Elaine again with wonderful news to share!  I talked with Cindy for over half an hour this evening and she was feeling so much better! As long as she didn’t try to raise her arm;  so I told her not to do that.Innocent

She says the tube still hurts, like she’s being stabbed in the chest with a really sharp knife, however, the doctors and nurses have explained to her that this is completely normal and to be expected. They have put a foreign object into her chest and her body is reacting to that object being there. Her body doesn’t get that it’s there to help the lung heal.Her body is not happy about it at all, apparently, as Cindy tells it. I wish I could remember the phrasing she used -dark humor, you’d love it!  Maybe she’ll remember tomorrow … or maybe not, the meds mess with her memory at times, another reason for the blog (so she can look back and recall how things were).

Hugs, Health & Happiness


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