#4 Elaine for Cindy

Happy Thanksgiving!

I come bearing wonderful news! What is it? OK, I’ll tell =)

They took the chest tube out today! So long as Cindy’s lung doesn’t collapse, she gets to go home tomorrow!   Now for the reality check, the doctors say they see something in the xrays on her lungs, the could be scars, could be from smoking (that’s what Cindy’s going with -seeing as she gets to choose and all, lol), or they don’t know. Seems like the doctors are going with the third option and will be doing more tests.

I talked with Cin this morning and she was cute, she said her nurse, Matthew, looked just like Doogie Houser, 12 or 13yrs old!  She also had them get her an old fashioned bed (which just happened to put her into a private room) because the newer ones inflate and deflate automatically (to help prevent bed sores) but was really uncomfortable for her and was hurting her lower back.  When we were talking I heard the nurse come over the intercom and ask what she needed and she said she thought it was time for her meds & he said he’d be right in. I asked her why the nurse called and she said because there was a sign that said, “Cindy, if you hurt push this button.” so she did. I laughed because she said it so matter of factly, it was just one of those moments! She told me if laughter is the best medicine then I should be the healthiest person on the block because after talking with her for 5 minutes I’m laughing. She said she liked that, but didn’t know how she was being funny.

Today the family have called her and some visited. Our brother, Jason, brought her a 5lb bag of M&Ms. Cindy’s response: It’ll take forever, but I’m gonna find the bottom of that bag!

So, I leave you all this evening with hopes you’ve made wonderful memories to cherish!

Hugs, Health & Happiness!


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