#14 Thank God for small favors.

I know I’ve mentioned that Rick has been waiting for a long time to get the money that he’s owed by worker’s comp and he finally went to pick it up yesterday. I won’t say how much it is but at least we can buy groceries now without using food stamps. We went straight to the bank to deposit the check and I figured that because the guy at the bank told us we could use some of the money right then I would order a pizza for dinner. He was wrong. I ended up having to have my mother call the pizza place after they delivered my pizza and then called me to say that the charge was declined on my bank card. I freaked out for a few minutes but mom saved the day and the pizza was really good however I don’t think it was worth all the drama that came with it. For about a year now we’ve been doing without a lot of things that we pretty much took for granted before, which brings me to Rick waking me up at six am to tell me that the coffee was ready and I had to get dressed to go shopping and out to breakfast at the cafe down the street from our house. I decided that since I’ve been wanting a red front loading washer and dryer set for years that I should get it  now while I can. Luckily the woman who helped me at Home Depot was such a bitch to me the manager decided to give me the set I wanted for the sale price from last week, but I had to get it in white because they sold out of the red ones for the next two months…and I don’t want to wait. Rick needed a computer that could handle all his computer games so that was next on the list and we managed to find a few other necessities along the way too.

Yesterday I had the pet scan done to see how many tumors I have. I know about three for sure and I’m going crazy waiting for the results of the test. I was told I would have the results in a day but nothing yet.  Doing all that shopping did help me to keep from going crazy while I’m waiting but now that we’re home  it’s  all I can think about. Of course when I called the Doctor’s office I got the answering machine and had to leave a message. That didn’t help me feel any better at all.  At least Rick has his new toy to play with so he’s not being bitchy today, in fact he’s in a much better mood that he’s been in in a long time. He did buy something for me today that I won’t get for at least a week, it’s a beautiful white gold ring with a pretty big ruby surrounded by diamond chips. Ruby is my birthstone so I absolutely love this ring. We had to sell all of my jewelry over this past year when we needed money for things like groceries and car insurance, things we really had to have, and it really upset him every time we had to part with another piece my jewelry. I know he wanted to replace it all quickly, but I would rather just wait and find one thing at a time so we can find things that I really love as well as getting good prices on them. So this ring is priceless to me right now and I should have it by Christmas.

We didn’t get rich but I can’t explain how much it means to us to be able to pay our bills on time again and be able to do some nice things for each other. I’ll be the first one to admit that being broke all the time had us fighting a lot more than we ever had before. I still need to find something for Justin and Jesse for Christmas, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to come up with some things that are gonna make them both very, very happy. Even with all the bad things that are happening, it’s so refreshing to have something good happen for us.


One thought on “#14 Thank God for small favors.

  1. I cannot express how happy I am for you and Rick. You finally got a break! Amazing! You two have been through the wringer and finally a bit of luck comes your way 🙂
    The ring sounds absolutely fabulous!
    Gotta run, but we’ll talk soon, til then, my dear
    Hugs, Health & Happiness with lotsa love!

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