#18 God works in mysterious ways.

So, Rick and I bought a van for our son Justin’s girlfriend to drive them both to Texas where they both have good jobs waiting for them(Justin doesn’t have a licence). We bought it late in the day so we couldn’t see the puddle under it and first thing the next day I called a guy that Rick and I have been referring vehicle repairs to thinking that he would know someone close by our house who wouldn’t overcharge us for the repairs to the minivan. We found someone right away and had the vehicle taken there and he fixed the transmission, we paid for it and took it home. Justin packed it up and with the gas money and everything they owned, including Ashley’s little wiener dog  they started out on the road. We relaxed on the couch for about half an hour before Justin called. The van broke down. After Justin and Rick tried replacing the battery and cables and something else I don’t remember now, Rick had it towed home at 4:30 in the morning.  Justin was out of his mind thinking that they were never gonna get to Texas, so I tried to calm him down and since Rick had planned a Las Vegas trip with two of his best friends he thought it would be nice to take Justin with him while the van was towed back to the mechanic(Rudy) to fix the fuel injector cable. It gave Ashley and I time to relax a bit while they were all gone too which was great, she really needed a break from Justin flipping out about everything. They had a wonderful time blowing money playing games and brought us back gifts from the M&M factory, and I now have a picture of a giant M&M holding up my drunk son which is definitely a keeper. When they returned the van was again fixed and since Rick and Justin were “recovering” from their trip, Ashley and I went to again retrieve the van from Rudy. It ran, so we paid for it and took it home…no questions asked. When we got back home with it the turn signals weren’t working so this really upset Justin because it seemed as though they would never get on the road but I took Ashley to the grocery store and bought them enough groceries to last a week or so while Rick called Rudy to see exactly what repairs he had done and find out why the turn signals weren’t working. When we came back to the house the guys had it all figured out and Justin was able to again pack up the van, this time with a ton of food and water and they stopped by to see Rudy on their way out-of-town. The funny thing is that when I was talking to Rudy’s wife Laura, she asked me if I would consider going to her church (The Vineyard) so they could lay hands on me because Rick had mentioned that I have Breast Cancer and things weren’t looking very good for me. I told her that I had already been there twice with my friend Diane but that I just stopped going. I loved going there but I was told by someone else that because Rick and I had divorced a long time ago that we were living in sin and they wouldn’t want us as members for that reason. I’ve wanted to go back and now this seems to me like God gave me a personal invitation to try it again. They have a group of men that get together and just hang out and eat once a week so I think Rick would like that if I can get him to go. I know he believes in God but he has bad memories of religion from his childhood that I feel like I need to help him overcome somehow. I told Laura that Rick says that he’s a recovering Catholic and she laughed and said “I used to say that too”. I’m going to try to get Rick to go with me this Sunday and I’ve already told Diane that we all have to go and she’s OK with it so hopefully this will work out so that Rick and I can keep going. When I was telling Diane about this lady that had invited us back to the church she said “Oh, that must be Laura…I know her”. Somehow everything worked out because we got a call from Justin saying that they were half way there and they sent us pictures of the snow, so they were happy. Rick and I have our house to ourselves until the 14th when Jess comes home, I have all my Christmas shopping done (still not wrapped yet), and everyone is happy. I really do feel like I had a personal invitation to go back to the church that I believe we should be attending so all I need to do is get Rick there one time so he can see for himself how wonderful it is. I believe it’s where we belong.


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