#19 Hospital Holidays

I found out yesterday that Rick had taken a call from my surgeon’s office to schedule a day for my Mastectomy. I’m having trouble dealing with setting up times for treatments so I suggested that he should make the appointments for me. Somehow we have both been scheduled for surgery on the 22nd of December at the same hospital at the same time and will be recovering on the same floor. I know he didn’t do that on purpose, in fact that day and time was the only time my Surgeon could fit me into her schedule and his surgery had been scheduled weeks ago. We had absolutely nothing to do with it…it just happened that way. Now, I have to wonder if there is some reason unknown to us for doing it together. We do have my mother(who he thinks as his own mother) and our friends who are ready to help out with the home recovery so that isn’t a problem and it might actually help that we’re going to have these surgeries at the same time so that we’re recovered at the same time, it just sounds a little strange to me. What if something happens and one of us doesn’t do so well during surgery, and the other has to deal with that while being in the hospital themself? I have so many questions lately about why things happen the way they do, but I have to believe that there is a plan for all of us. There is a reason…a good reason for everything that happens, good, or bad. I only wish I knew the reasons because I feel like I’m going crazy trying to figure it all out. My mother kind of hesitated when I told her about the scheduling and my best friend Diane thought it was a little strange but at least we can stay together right up until we go in for our surgeries. They have pre-op rooms that hold two patients in the hospital we’re going to so we can have our family and friends stay with us too, so neither one of us will be left alone. I thought about having us put in the same room to recover but maybe we should have our own rooms just incase one or both of us needs privacy or needs any kind of special care. I can only imagine this happening to me and Rick. I never hear of anyone else having to go through all the crazy and random things that we have to go through. Actually I don’t mind because I wouldn’t want to have a normal life because I think that would be boring and who wants to have a boring life…not me. I’m used to things changing all the time, I just hope that for a while nothing else happens. I do need a little time to get through this particular set of circumstances. I’m supposed to start chemotherapy five days after my surgery,  now I just need to remember to schedule it. (I told Rick he could set that up too) I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next in my crazy life.


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