#6 Elaine for Cindy

So, today was mostly a good day. Cindy’s in her own private room again, in what she and Rick fondly call her Vacation Home.  No, not in Hawaii, or exotic beach somewhere, in a hospital. Cindy says really it’s pretty neat. She orders her meals and they are brought to her, the room and dishes are cleaned by someone else, no one takes the remote control away from her, nurses come in and give her a shot when she hurts, then they dim the lights, close the door and leave her alone. She says how great is that?!!

The pulmonologist says Cindy does not have pneumonia, just some scarring and irritation in her lungs. Her white blood cells are normal, so that’s really good news.

Cindy is in much better spirits tonight, joking with the nurses and me.  They just gave her her night-time meds, so she’s gonna try to get some rest.

Good night, sweet dreams!



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