#7 Elaine for Cindy

Effective immediately what was formerly known as Murphy’s Law will be called Cindy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

per Cindy Phillips 12-20-2011

Last night was not restful. Cindy was up all night either throwing up or having diarrhea; during which she pulled a muscle in her back. To make the second event even more enjoyable, a  nurse held two immodium tablets hostage pending a stool sample. Now, remember, when you have to get sick and it’s coming out both ends how quickly and carefully you have to move before something forcefully exists an orifice. Now think of yourself with one leg, crutches, in pain, feeling miserable and tired, having “to go” and then some sweet nurse asks for a stool sample.  If you provide the sample, you can have the immodium. Yeah, those are precious moments to remember!

But outside of that request, Cindy says the last few times she’s been in this hospital the nurses, staff, and doctors all go out of their way and make extra efforts to make sure she is comfortable, not in pain, checks if there is something special she’d like to eat, and happy (as happy as one can be in the hospital, anyways).  She is very pleased and appreciative of their efforts.

Health-wise, neither the biopsy nor ultrasound have been performed.  Tests indicate her potassium and magnesium levels keep dropping -they don’t know why, her white blood count is in the normal range but has been up occasionally, and now she’s running a fever on and off -although it has not been above 101.  She is still on antibiotics -which mayor may not be the cause of the vomiting and diarrhea.

The doctors say if the vomiting and diarrhea stop she may be able to go home tomorrow -for about 12 hours before she would have to come back for the surgery on Thursday. Cindy said, “It’s kinda bad when the doctors offer to let you go home for a conjugal visit.”  So, you can see her spirits are up -just like her temperature!

I will check in with her later this evening. Hope these updates help relieve some worry for everyone. =)


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