#9 Elaine for Cindy

Hello Everyone,
Rick says Cindy is doing pretty well -with the help of demerol! She’s been working hard on range of motion and can raise her up just beyond 90 degrees. =)
Rick has moved in the hospital with Cindy and plans to stay there til she comes home.
Cindy has some very special friends from a breast cancer support group who sent her some beautiful flowers -they arrived the day before her surgery (I did not post it then, my apologies!). Her favorites were the red roses, and she said “The pink ribbon around the vase was, oh, so subtle!” These women are all in different stages of cancer or recovery themselves, but have listened and supported her from the beginning of her (Cindy’s) struggles; even though a lot of the stuff in the beginning is hard to hear over and over again, and is tedious, you’ve welcomed her into your group with open arms. She sais she kinda feels like the baby of your group =)

More investigation is underway for the 4 enlarged lymph nodes that were found under Cindy’s other arm. They have completed an ultrasound and plan to biopsy them in a couple of weeks. They did not do it during the mastectomy because they want Cindy to have some mobility -really hard to get around on crutches if both underarms are healing from surgery.

Hope everyone is having a wondeful day!

Don’t forget, if you have questions or comments Cindy is happy to answer!


2 thoughts on “#9 Elaine for Cindy

  1. I waned you to know that when you fill in for me when I’m in the hospital it means everything to me that you take the time and effort to help me keep everyone else up to date on my every day life. You don’t have to but you do and I love that you make it a priority when you could just wait for me to do it when I’m able. You’re a wonderful sister and person and I don’t take you for granted. I love you and have great respect for you. I just wanted to make sure that you knew that.

    • Hey, Cin
      That’s really nice of you to make sure I knew all that stuff =-) And ya know, if you didn’t appreciate it I wouldn’t have done it. It means a lot that you take the time to thank me; you’ve got a boatload of stuff going on and you still make time for me. I’m so glad you love and respect me & don’t take me for granted *chuckles* I feel the same way towards you! You are an amazing woman and sister and I want you to know that.
      We’ll talk soon,
      I love you

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