#26 I wanna take a bath.

I know that I’m supposed to feel a little discomfort…but this really sucks! I keep forgetting that I still have tubes in me and reaching for things and pulling at these damn tubes. Even if I just flex a muscle to move my arm it feels like I’ve pulled the tubes out and ripped the skin off. I know that by the time I get used to having them there it’ll be time to get them taken out though so I’m trying to just deal with it for now. Easier said than done. I want so badly to just fill my tub with hot water and soak in it until I feel better but apparently that would be bad, not to mention I still haven’t made the trek upstairs to even see my tub yet. I’m sure it’s still there and wondering where I am, how lonely my poor tub must be. I could curl up on my couch and see how many M&Ms I could eat but I don’t feel much like eating chocolate today…I know, that sounds terrible but it just doesn’t sound very good at all. I do have a huge tub of cookies that my mother sent over to me but that doesn’t sound good today either.

I think Cali (my cat) knows that I don’t feel good because she walks up and lays on my every time I sit still long enough. She has been trying to check out all the bandages and looks confused when I move her to the side that doesn’t hurt. She follows me from room to room and waits for me to sit still and as soon as I do she tries to find somewhere to sit on me. I feel bad for moving her all the time but she seems to go straight for the parts that hurt and lays down. Bob (our Pom) doesn’t seem to know that anything is wrong at all. He wants to jump around on me and play not noticing that I’m hurting. As long as he gets his food and someone pets him and talks to him all is right with the world. I think cats are more sensitive to how people feel than dogs are but don’t tell the dogs that. If I could take Cali to the hospital with me I think I would heal faster, I know I missed her really badly when I was away. I asked Rick to smuggle her in to me but he said no. Oh well, I know she’s here waiting for me when I come home. And even though Rick says he doesn’t love Cali I catch him talking to her when he thinks I can’t hear him and he gets up and feeds her if he’s up before I am so I know he has a soft spot for her. I’ve been told that our pets are spoiled but really they spoil us so it all evens out. I think today is gonna go by very slow just because I don’t have anything to do. I suppose it would be worse if I had a bunch of things I had to do so I shouldn’t complain about having nothing to do…but I know I will.


4 thoughts on “#26 I wanna take a bath.

  1. Hey Cin!
    Glad to see you posting again =)
    I was reading an article the other day about how the purring/vibration of cats can and does help help healing muscle and bones. So, it makes sense that Cali would be going to the areas of you that hurt the most to perch on and purr. She’s doing what is natural to cats. I know dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend, but I really think having both would be ideal (‘though I couldn’t have a cat since I despise the litter box). Dogs take care of our emotional needs -laughing, loving, cuddling and playing; cats help us heal, and just chill. The way they love to sit in the sun and soak it up and just be there -kind of like meditation- we could really take lessons from them for that.
    I am so sorry you’re in such pain. I hope you can find something to take your mind of it sometimes. I know you’re supposed to move around some -keeping the range of motion and gaining more- but gosh, it sounds like it would be misery moving! Can you get a post it note or to put on the tubes so when you start to move you see it and read “Go Slow! Tubes in Place!”
    As for your bath, I can go take one for you, if you’d like. I’d been planning on taking one today anyways 😉 … was gonna put lavender epsom salts in to ease some muscle aches.
    I heard a song that reminded me of Rick and you, Martina McBride’s, “I’m Gonna Love You Through It.”
    Well, I’ll let you go for now. Hang in there as best you can.
    I love and miss you

  2. The drains can really be annoying–I had a bilateral mastectomy and the four drains were awful. I could not find a way to get comfortable! About a month later, my plastic surgeon determined that one of the incisions hadn’t healed properly and he decided to do another surgery, outpatient this time, but with another drain.

    My drain ickiness finally ended, but I certainly sympathize with you! Here’s to recovery!

  3. I hope I don’t have these drains much longer, because I only have one leg and now I can’t do much with the arm on the same side. I think the only way it could be worse is if there were 4. That had to really suck Kendra. I hope your feeling better now. I think if I don’t get my bandages wet I can sit in my tub with just a little water in it…I’m gonna try today, I can’t wait any longer.

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