#31 Today is a do-over

So yesterday I had planed to do many different things however it didn’t happen that way. I did start the day with my Kona coffee and Cali was fed by 4:30am just like she requires and I even started cleaning the kitchen…then I fell out of my wheelchair. We only smoke outside because that way my house doesn’t smell like smoke when Mom or Jason comes over, and it also keeps the dust in the house to a minimum. We’ve cleaned the pool so it’s beautiful outside now and the only thing left that bothers me out back are the tiny weeds that are coming up in the rocks. Weeds make me crazy! I was going out the patio door for a cigarette and when my front wheels got stuck on the patio the chair just stopped while I kept going and landed on my butt. Not the most graceful landing and I managed to hit all my sore parts on my right side. I guess it could have been worse but man did it hurt. I was here alone but was able to get back into my chair and light my cigarette, a few minutes later I realized that I was in tons of pain. When I went to come back into the house I realized that I did some serious damage and had to take a pill and lay down for a while. I wasn’t able to get all of the cleaning done that I had planned to do and I had to tell mom that I would help her some other day with the corn bags. I think she was able to do some without me, I know Jesse wanted to help her make some so maybe she helped mom get them done. This morning I feel a little bit better but I’m moving kinda slow so I think I’ll start with dusting the living room and dining room, they need it the most. Rick gave me a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas that is self-propelled and that makes it much easier to use so I don’t see any problem with vacuuming. It’s funny how simple things like that are a big deal now. I’ve always managed to do whatever I wanted or needed to do with only one leg because having the wheelchair made it doable but there’s only so much I can do now that I have even more body parts that I can’t use. I’m sure that as I heal more it’ll come easier to me so no worries there. The pain meds definitely make me more tired now but I’m going to turn on my stereo and see if I can get motivated to start the housework…again. This time I’ll be sure to be more careful not to hurt myself though.


4 thoughts on “#31 Today is a do-over

  1. Dear Cindy,
    I am a high quality piece of equipment made to help improve your quality of life. I am saddened that I was not able to function adequately enough to keep you safe. If you allow me another chance, I will strive much harder to counter your directions when danger presents itself and you seem oblivious to it. I love my new home and hope to stay here for a long long time.
    Your Racing Wheel Chair

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