#34 Today is a good day

We’ve known for the past year that because of the accident that Rick was in at work he was going to need to have surgery on his neck to fix the discs that are causing him so much pain. Since he had a heart attack two weeks after the accident and was put on blood thinners he had to wait for that whole year before the doctors would agree to take him of the medications long enough to have them out of his system for a week before the neck surgery could be done safely. So that year ended on September, then workers comp wouldn’t pay for it because they were fighting his claim and we had to get a few lawyers involved who managed to sort this whole thing out and the judge agreed that Rick did indeed have a serious injury and ordered worker’s comp to continue to pay for his care. Just when we started to get excited that he would get the surgery that he waited so long to have, we were notified that worker’s comp was again stopping the medical coverage and his surgery was canceled just a few days before it was scheduled. Now we have been told that the judge again ordered them to pay so we’ve called the surgeon to reschedule the surgery. We don’t have an exact date yet but I think we’re in the clear as far as the insurance goes. Even though this has been very rough on Rick I think it was a blessing because if we had actually had our surgeries at the same time I don’t think it would have gone very well. I know that I had no idea how hard my own recovery was going to be and I can’t imagine me trying to care for him when I could barely move myself, not to mention all the extra trips I’ve had to make to the hospital since my mastectomy and the returning pneumonia I’ve had to deal with. I try not to question why things happen when and how they do because somehow it always works out for the best. Not that I’m happy at all with both of us having such serious medical problems but at least we’re able to get through it all ok. I don’t feel too bad today, I do have some pain but nothing that’s gonna stop me from going outside to my weeds.(they need me) I managed to clean my house yesterday all by myself and didn’t hurt too much after I was done so I think it’s safe to keep doing more chores, Rick is laying on the couch today watching movies and looking like he hurts so I’m not going to ask him to help me, not that he would anyway…he hates yard work. There’s something therapeutic about pulling weeds, however I know that as soon as I go outside and my neighbors see me with my tiny shovel they’re going to yell at me like they always do about doing too much. I think it must look worse that it is because I’m in a wheelchair. Last summer I had random strangers stop and ask me if they could do my yard work for me and I had to laugh…and then thank them and send them on their way. Even a few days ago when I tried to pull a few weeds out back by the pool my daughter yelled at me and took my tiny shovels and hid them. Luckily Rick saw where she put them and gave them back to me when she left. I know everybody means well, but if I feel up to doing yard work or anything else then it should be ok with everyone else. My daughter is coming over tomorrow to do some chores outside with me although I think that she’s under the impression that I won’t be doing anything. You would think that by now she would know better. Justin called from his new home in New Hampshire yesterday to tell me that he’ll be working on a rather large farm and I think that is going to be a perfect job for him. He wasn’t prepared for the snow when he got there so Rick did a little shopping on the Wal-Mart website and is sending Justin a heavy coat and work boots and gloves to make sure that he has what he needs to keep from getting sick. I never figured my son for a farm hand but what a perfect job for him. It will definitely keep him from getting bored and the physical labor will do him good. Jesse was told that she’ll be graduating next week from High School so that makes me very happy too. She just has to finish three assignments and she’s done. Now we just need to get her to pass the driver’s licence test so she can drive the car. One thing at a time I guess. Today is a good day.


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