#36 The last of the bandages are off

I’ve been putting off taking off the steri-strips because it just sounded painful and to be completely honest I didn’t want to see what was under there anyway. Finally this morning when I went upstairs to soak in my tub I decided that I would just get it over with. I know that sometimes I can get a little carried away thinking of all of the bad things that can happen but who wouldn’t? It took me a few minutes but when I finally tried to take one-off to see how it would go it didn’t hurt a bit and because I did wait a little longer than I needed to wait to remove them it was almost completely healed underneath the strips. I managed to take all of them off with no problems at all. I feel so much better now that I’ve gotten past having them on me and when I picked out my clothes for today I put on a tank top. That’s what I would normally put on and I didn’t see why I shouldn’t. If anyone has a problem with what I look like then that’s their problem, not mine. I guess having only one leg for so long I’ve gotten used to having people look at me funny for a minute but it usually doesn’t last long and some of the time I don’t notice at all. I’ve been very worried about how I look and I know that when I go out into public I’ll always have someone who just can’t stop staring but instead of getting angry I usually have to laugh. I don’t mind people looking at me, I think I might look twice too if I saw a woman walking around on crutches with one leg and one breast. It’s not normal and I know that people usually don’t mean any harm, they usually look out of reflex and not ill-intention. I actually feel lighter now that I can wear my normal clothes again and I do have some weeds waiting for me that are left-overs from yesterday’s weed pulling session. I suppose I could have taken the strips off a week ago and been able to feel a little more normal then, but I was just plain scared to see the scar. It’s not so bad really. I think getting used to my new normal will be ok and not nearly as scary as I had thought it would be. It funny how we can adjust to things like losing a body part. At least this last body part removal didn’t keep me from moving around as much as I did before. Losing my leg was definitely way more traumatic and life changing. This one only changes the way I look. I can deal with that.


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