#40 If you don’t throw nurses you get candy.

I had my appointment with the new oncologist this morning and I think I’m going to have a much easier time dealing with her than I did the last oncologist. She looked through all the medical tests that she could find from my hospital stays and surgeries and said that she thinks that I need to have a few more tests before we can decide on what treatment would be appropriate for me. She said that all the enlarged lymph nodes and lung damage needs to be reevaluated by a lung specialist because she seems to think that it could all be related but not cancer at all. Meaning that all the damage could be from a virus or some kind of side effects of the pneumonia that I had that keeps coming back. It would be nice to get some good news for a change. If it’s not related that could mean more possibilities for my future treatments. When Rick and I were in the waiting room waiting to see the Dr I saw a spider plant on the front counter that had a few baby spider plants growing off to one side and I remembered that mom had given me two pieces of the spider plant that she had since I was a little girl. She put my two little spiders in a nice pot for me but one of them died soon after she gave them to me and unless you have two of them together they can’t cross pollinate and grow other baby spider plants. I asked the lady at the front desk if I could have one and she said that she would find out if it was ok to let me have one to take home. When I came out of the exam room and was waiting to set my next appointment one of the office ladies brought me a little plastic cup with a baby spider plant in it wrapped in a wet paper towel, she didn’t want it to dry out or spill on the way home, how nice was that? I’m so used to oncologist’s offices being such a terrible place to have to go that they caught me off guard when they were all so very nice to me. They gave me chocolate (Rick said it was because I was being a good girl-I didn’t throw any nurses) and by the time we left the office I was holding a handful of candy and laughing. What a totally different place. I’m so happy that I agreed to go and check it out and I think it will be much easier to do some treatments that I might not have otherwise done. I spent the rest of the time today with mom shopping for material for the corn bags and shopping at the Entenman’s Bakery Outlet, mom even let me have more of the yarn she had in her garage so now I’m planning on sitting in my new (mom’s) recliner and working on making my lap-blanket and eating chocolate doughnuts. I’m so tired now, and I’m starving!


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