#44 Nope, no blood yet

I went to the oncologist’s office to have them draw my blood yesterday and they told me that I have to go to the hospital to have it done as an out-patient. I canceled my appointment with the lung specialist and now sometime today I’ll go and try again to find someone who can get some blood out of me. Just once I’d like to be able to do things like everyone else and just go to a lab, but no…I have to be different. When I came home yesterday I was super tired, even though I hadn’t done anything and I thought I would just sit at my computer and look at you tube videos of crocheting. I looked down at my arms and saw that I had broken out in hives. I have no clue what it was from but with everything else that’s been going on lately I couldn’t help but laugh. I’m pretty sure that Rick thought I had finally lost it. It was funny though. It started to go away about thirty minutes after it started and I still don’t know what it was from but my mom told me that my dad used to get hives out of the blue so I’m not very concerned about it. I don’t see the oncologist until the ninth so I still have time to get the results back to the lung doctor before then. The doctors have both been kind off confused as to how to treat me. I was wondering earlier what I would be doing today if I wasn’t sick and had both legs, I decided that I would go for a run and then spend the day stealing cars. If  I’m ever feeling well enough again to spend most of my life in a tow truck then I would be a very happy girl. I can keep myself busy with yarn and doing chores in my house but what I really miss doing is working with Rick. We still have a lock-out kit on the trunk of the car…just incase. We have gotten random phone calls asking us to go right then and take a car that someone else couldn’t get, and those were my favorites, the ones considered unrecoverable or that a bank had written off. It’s an addiction. We’re going to go pick up Jenn and Kenny before dinner tonight and they’re going to spend the night because we all have appointments to go to in the morning not to mention that I haven’t spent any time with Jenn for a while. I guess I’m in a good mood today so now I just have to find things to do to keep me busy. I did see some weeds in my front yard yesterday…I think I’ll go investigate.


2 thoughts on “#44 Nope, no blood yet

    • I think I’m just really used to things going wrong that I think it’s kinda funny for the most part…I didn’t realize how disturbing that sounded until just now. 🙂 I am always a hard draw because all the chemo last time destroyed all my viens so the only way to get my blood out to do any testing is through the port.

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