#45 The never ending cancer story

Ever since I found out I had cancer I’ve been talking to other women on a breast cancer board and I pretty much tell them everything that I say on my blog. Yesterday one of them had mentioned that I should write a book and I told her that I’ve heard that from a bunch of people but I’m not very sure that I could write it myself so I’ll try to find someone who knows how to do that. I did tell her that I would like to call it the never-ending cancer story but I was only joking and now it sounds like it would be a good title. The funny thing is that right after I said that to her the phone rang and it was my lung doctor’s office wanting me to come in today. I told her that I was still waiting for her to send the blood order over to the hospital lab and she said that the lung doctor had spoken to my oncologist and he wanted me to come in to see him today after I go to my pain doctor. I don’t know why he would want to see me when he doesn’t have any more information than he had when I saw him a few days ago, unless the oncologist knows something that I don’t know. I have to be at the pain doctor by nine this morning then the lung doctor by noon so I’ll know what’s going on this afternoon. I shouldn’t say that I’ll know what’s going on because it’s like pulling teeth to get any of the doctors to give me a straight answer on what the hell is going on. I was in the mood to do anything physical yesterday so I took a kitchen trash bag out front and successfully tackled the weeds in my front yard. No more weeds left out front. The back yard is mostly weedless too now except for a few tiny ones on the side of the yard. I was just saying yesterday how one of the scans I’ve had recently showed three bulging discs in my back but it didn’t hurt and this morning I woke up with a terrible pain in my lower back. I was saying to Jenn and Rick that I had no idea what I could have done to cause the pain and then I had a flash-back of Rick telling me not to do yard-work for very long or I would be hating life tomorrow. Someday I’ll learn to listen to him. We also had a surprise visitor yesterday, out of the blue Al, one of the other repo company owners, stopped in after us not seeing him for a long time. He said that he had all but shut down because of family issues. He said that he was having problems repossessing the cars that he had orders for and I told him that if he was sitting on orders that he knew he wasn’t going to be able to recover that I was gonna have to bitch slap him. Most of the owners we know use Rick and I when they need someone to be a little bit more aggressive to get people to give up a vehicle. That was where I was most useful. When we first started out and needed to get some extra cash coming in, I talked to a few of the other owners and told them that we would take the orders that they didn’t think they could get and I would give it a shot.  Al gave me a stack of orders for forty-five cars and we recovered all but one and for that one I found proof of it being destroyed in another state. None of them were easy but boy did we have fun getting them. I have a feeling I’ll be getting an order from Al and even though neither Rick or I can do much physically I wouldn’t mind working on one more order.  Rick still talks about working together again as soon as he has his surgery and the more I think about it the more I think we’ll be back to work at some point. I hate just sitting at home.


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