#47 Super Bowl Sunday

So the plan was to spend the day at Diane’s house and have a bar-b-que while watching the game. She made a chocolate cake with coconut pecan frosting (my favorite) and we had chicken and beans and pasta salad, which was all great but I didn’t even make it through lunch before I was so tired that I had to lay down in her living room. I gave up before the game even started and had Rick drive me home and he put me on the couch with a blanket to take a nap while he went back to watch the game with Chris. He was concerned that I would be upset that he went back but I didn’t want him to miss the game because of me. It’s not like I was going to be awake anyway. I woke up when he came back home after the game and had some of the tamales that Diane had made after I left and man they were awesome. Rick loves tamales so he usually has someone make some for us at Christmas time but this year he couldn’t find anyone to make them so I was very happy that Diane decided to make her own. I’ve always said that there’s never enough meat in the middle of them but Diane must have doubled the meat in the middle so they were really perfect. I did feel bad for eating and then leaving but I figured that I would just be taking up space on the couch during the game and that wouldn’t be good. Rick found out over the weekend that his attorney’s office had sent him a notice that the worker’s comp insurance company has scheduled another appointment with another surgeon about his neck injury. I think without realizing it we ended up with him seeing this new doctor the same day that I’m scheduled to see my new surgeon about the lung biopsy. I’ve heard that Rick is seeing an honest surgeon that won’t just say what worker’s comp wants him to say and that’s all I want. Luckily Rick has recent scans and x-rays that clearly show that the damage to his neck has gotten worse and now we just need an ok from this new ortho doctor to have his surgery to fix him up. I was hoping that hanging out with Chris would make Rick feel a little bit better and I think it worked, he’s in a pretty good mood today. I’ve had my coffee and a piece of left-over chocolate cake (thanks Di) for breakfast. I don’t think I’ll be lifting anything heavier than my yarn today because I’m still very tired. I wish I knew how to get more energy because I do have a few things that I would love to get done. I was supposed to clean up my garage because large trash pick-up is today and tomorrow but I don’t know if that’s going to happen because Jesse has to work today and Rick can’t pick up very much without hurting himself. I think I’ll finish off the pot of coffee and see how things go after that. Maybe I can watch super bowl commercial re-runs.


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