#48 The day got better

When I wrote my post yesterday I wasn’t thinking that I would be able to do anything that required any physical excursion but after I finished my coffee and went up-stairs to get dressed I found myself putting on clothes that I could get dirty in so I took a small radio and some trash bags, and of course my last cup of coffee and made my way out to the garage. I knew it was large trash pick-up day and I had some things in the garage that took up enough space in the garage that made it impossible to park a second car in there. Jesse and her friend who we call cakes have started a new job together that’s about an hour drive away and she’s having problems with her car over heating so they needed to take my car to work and leave cakes’ car in the garage which ment that I would have to work around her car, I don’t like driving other people’s cars so I left it there. I was surprised to see that someone had already started to clean out the garage and throw away some of the trash that I had been complaining about. I think it was Jesse but she won’t fess up to it. I saw some things that I didn’t even know that we had out there but I went though everything and bagged and boxed up what I wanted to throw away and i started taking it out to the sidewalk, hoping that the large trash  hadn’t already been taken because I didn’t see any of the neighbors trash out in front of their houses, I was sure some of them had put some things out but it wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong about something. I figured that if I had already missed it then I would just bring it all back up to the house and put it in our trash cans a little at a time. I didn’t even get it all out there and a white truck stopped and the guy asked if  it was trash, I told him it was and he parked right next to my pile and started loading. I told him that if he gave me a minute that I would bring out everything that I wanted to get rid of and he did wait and took it all. Now I know what happened to all of the trash that my neighbors had in front of their houses. It felt really good to have something to keep me moving and I was exhausted afterwords but it was so worth it. Now all I have left to do is to sweep up the garage floor and it’s done. My lungs feel like they’re on fire this morning and I think I may have gotten a little bit carried away with all the dusty and dirty junk in the garage. I know that I did more than I should have but I couldn’t help it. My christmas decorations are all in one area now, that alone was worth all the effort. When I came inside I washed the dishes but that was the end of my chores for the day. I know to anyone who lives any kind of normal life doing these things don’t sound very difficult but to me it took everything I had in me to accomplish my goals. It makes me feel good to know that my house is taken care of and sometimes it can take me up to a week to dust everything and clean all the floors. I’ve never let the fact that I have one leg and move around in a wheelchair stop me from doing what ever I wanted to do so whywould I start now? I refuse to give it up  because then what would I have to do. I’ve already given up doing anything outside of the house and I can only crochet for so long. I’m going to take my bath this morning and go back out to the garage and sweep up the floor and make sure that I didn’t miss anything. I’m so tired all the time so I have to take advantage of any energy I have to get things around here taken care of. I woke up this morning and felt like my lungs were on fire so I think I’m developing some kind of infection in there, hopefully not another pneumonia. I have no interest in spending anymore time in the hospital.


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