#49 I should be used to this by now

I woke up this morning knowing that I had an appointment with my oncologist this morning, so after Rick made me eggs and toast and I got ready to go Rick and mom and I ended up being there fifteen minutes early. Rick signed me in and looked through the candy dishes to find me a few mini candy bars(I’m always craving chocolate) and mom made me a cup of hot chocolate and we all sat and waited for a long time before I asked Rick to go and ask the lady at the desk what was taking so long. Come to find out I was an entire hour early so I decided to go outside for a smoke and while we were outside the nurse had come out to the waiting room to call me back to the exam room. We found that out when we all came back inside and we all went back and I had the usual blood pressure and temperature check and waited a few more minutes before the oncologist came in to see me. She was confused as to why I hadn’t already had the blood work done that the lung doctor had ordered and I told her that I couldn’t get blood drawn at the regular lab and that I had brought my lab order into her office two days ago to have the nurse at her office get my blood drawn from my port but I was told that they couldn’t get it drawn at their office because another doctor had ordered it. I did ask her nurse the other day if the oncologist could just reorder the tests in her name and I was told no and sent away. The oncologist went out and asked her nurse why she had said that they couldn’t do the blood work and she denied saying it until I looked out the exam room door and she suddenly remembered doing it. The oncologist said that she just needed to know what tests the lung doctor wanted done and she would write them but I didn’t bring them to the appointment, they were sitting on my kitchen table where I left them the other day. The woman at the oncologist’s office was told to call the lung doctor’s office and get the orders but when she called the other office they couldn’t find the orders and since the blood tests that the oncologist had just gotten back said that my tumor markers were elevated it was kind of important to get the lung doctor’s tests done so that I could then have both the lung biopsy and then the biopsy on the enlarged lymph nodes under my sternum before the oncologist could start any treatment. I was there, and I’m not sure that I know what all I just said. We ended up having to drive back home and get the original order from the lung doctor and take it back to the oncologists office then wait for them to rewrite the orders and eventually I was called to the treatment side of the oncology clinic to try to have my blood drawn. Now since I’ve already had two rounds of chemo before, I don’t have any place left on my body where they can get blood from except for my port, but one of the tests needed to not be drawn from my port so I let two of the nurses try to get blood out of me, and no… it didn’t work. They had to just use my port and get the tests done that they were able to, luckily the one that they couldn’t do wasn’t important enough for them to keep trying, as it is I’ll have some pretty bad bruises for a while. By the time we left the clinic I think I was literally running on my crutches to the car to get as far away from there as fast as I could. We had to go to Sam’s Club to pick up a few things and we had them bake us one of their pizzas with everything on it to take home for dinner, and it’s a good thing that we did because I’ve hit my limit of doing things for the day. By lunch time I was ready to go home go upstairs and be tucked in for the night. I get so tired lately and going through all the medical crap this morning really took its tole on me. I can’t seem to last more than about an hour or so doing anything without needing to rest. I knew that I would hear that my blood showed elevated tumor markers but that didn’t make it any easier to hear. I was also told that it could just be from something else but I won’t know what it is for sure until I have the next surgery. I don’t have anything witty or funny to say today, I’m just tired and I need to rest on the couch for a while so I’ll just give the facts of what happened today and leave it at that. I did pick up a huge bag of M&Ms at Sam’s Club though.


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