#58 Tiny Tuxedos

Rick had been planning to make dinner for my family on Saint Patrick’s Day for so long that we ended up with entirely too much food. We ended up making two of the four corned beef roasts that we bought, and we made about eight pounds of potatoes, four heads of cabbage, four bags of carrots, a bread bowl with a double batch of spinach dip, and two cookie sheets full of chocolate covered strawberries. It was not as good as is sounds. I’ve never had a corned beef turn out tough but both of the ones we made were not as tender as we’re used to having. My brother Jason and his girlfriend Robin were having dinner with us and they hadn’t ever had corned beef, now I’m afraid that they’ll miss out on ever having it again because of the way it turned out. It was still good but was simply not a good cut of meat and had almost no flavor. Last year Rick and I found the corned beef on sale and bought about ten of them for two or three dollars a piece, and they all turned out perfectly. I think we did buy another brand this year though, and won’t make that mistake twice. What was ironic was that we only ended up with five adults eating dinner…and two kids who would have rather had anything else in the world other than corned beef and cabbage(I think there were a few chicken nuggets seen at the table). All in all it was a good day at mom’s house visiting with her and I was able to stay up and moving around all day until we came home. Mom is always excited to see Jason and Robin and the kids because she only gets to see them once in a while so she wanted to make something that the kids would think was really good, this is where the strawberries came in. We went to the craft store and bought different colors of chocolate to melt down and dip the strawberries in, and mom thought it would be cute to make the strawberries look like they were wearing tiny little tuxedos. I looked up a picture of what they should look like on the internet and we tried a few different ways to make them but instead of dipping them I ended up using a little paint brush to draw on the different colors. Now my mother is one of those people who can make just about anything creative but me?…not so much. I did figure out how to make them look good after a little practice and a few tips from mom, but by then I had already used up most of  the strawberries. What we ended up with was about eight perfect little tuxedos with green bow ties and buttons down the shirt wearing white shirts and chocolate-colored coats. The first ones I made were pretty much just dipped with too much chocolate (I know, no such thing) because they were huge berries they held a lot of chocolate. The chocolate was setting fast too so there were a few that looked like they had been triple dipped. Let me just say that there were no complaints and the kids did love the desert. We definitely will be calling the store where we bought the corned beef to let them know about the meat that we bought there so that hopefully they will let their supplier know not to buy that brand again. We do have friends coming over today and I know that they will both love having the leftovers for lunch today, when I spoke to them last night they wanted to come over right then, but we were just too tired to go pick them.

Today I plan of getting a few chores done at home, which is always easier than doing anything at mom’s house because at home I have my wheelchair to use, at least downstairs. I can’t get my chair around mom’s house easily so I just walk on my crutches there. It’s harder to get around but mom has surgery on her shoulder recently and she hurts when she does too much so Rick and I try to do as much as possible. We definitely don’t want to hurt mom by letting her do too much. Yesterday I thought Rick was literally going to explode when mom came in the house from her garage carrying the leaf to her diningroom table with only her good arm. I’ve never seen Rick move that fast, but that will tech us not to let her out of our sight! It’s raining today so I can’t go outside which means inside chores only. I don’t know how long I’ll last today but I’m hoping that having company will help give me the energy I need.


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