#60 Prank war karma

My appointment with the cardio-thorasic surgeon  turned out to be Wednesday when I thought it was today so I’ve been stressing about it now for two days. I was trying to keep my mind off of going to it so I decided that after dinner last night I would sit and crochet for a while watching tv because I’ve been working on making a little blanket. I was working on my blanket and minding my own business when Mandy(one of my daughter’s best friends) comes to the front door, and without a second thought Rick let her in and Mandy started running up the stairs yelling to me that she just needed to go up to Jesse’s room for a minute and that she would be right back down. When Jesse was getting ready for work that morning she had told me that she had wrapped Mandy’s car in Saran wrap and painted it with mustard and bologna as a prank. I realized that Mandy must be up to something so I screamed for her to stop just as she made it to the top of the stairs. It’s a good thing I did stop her because in the grocery bag Mandy was carrying was a five-pound bag of flour and glue and glitter, all to decorate Jesse’s room. I explained to Mandy that while I didn’t have a problem with her returning the favor and pranking my daughter, she had to remember that she was doing this prank in my house and would be making messes that would need to be cleaned up with my new vacuum. I did let her write on Jesse’s mirror in glue and glitter saying that she took Jesse’s Jordans hostage until she comes over to wash Mandy’s car, and she wrote on the bedroom window with lipstick things like I love Justin Bieber, and boy crazy as well as, princess and a few other things. My daughter and her friends are all gay so the “Bieber” comment, and the princess thing was kinda cute…to me anyway. I think I saved my daughter from a huge mess when I stopped Mandy before she opened that bag of flour, and I made sure to tell all the girls that this house was to be considered a “safe zone”. I could hear Jesse when she came home last night yelling at one of the other girls on the phone that her room was covered in glitter, so I just rolled over and went back to sleep… it was all done in good fun. When Jesse came home from work today she was really tired. She dropped onto the couch and had asked her dad if he would bring her a drink into the livingroom. He brought her a full glass of red kool-aid. We have tan carpet and glass coffee tables, I’m sure you can guess what happened next. Jesse went to lay down on the couch after taking a drink and accidentally kicked the glass table with her Jordan high-tops on,  the table top bounced and the red kool-aid flew all over the carpet. Jesse and I dropped to the floor right away and I asked Rick to run and get me some towels to clean up the mess, luckily the table didn’t break and I have a few red towels so we were able to get it all cleaned up without ruining any of my good towels. I don’t know for sure which one of us it was, but either Jesse or I yelled *F*** my life” before the kool-aid hit the floor. I figure that it was my karma getting me back because I had let Mandy in the house when Jess wasn’t here knowing full well that there was a prank war going on. But in my own defense,2 I couldn’t just pass up an opportunity to watch Jesse get pranked. I’m gonna have to keep the house locked up from now on and not answer the door for her friends because I can’t imagine what karma would do to me if I do anything else that’s bad. At least it took my mind off of that stupid doctor’s appointment. The girls have asked me to let them come in and antique Jesse(throw flour at her) in her sleep at two in the morning, that’s where I drew the line and said no. Hopefully they’ll keep the future pranks to a minimum and do them somewhere else.


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