#62 “Cindy’s Law” strikes again

OK, so yesterday my daughter needed a ride to get her hair cut and I drover her. We sat around waiting for the barber to do two other people’s hair, she had her hair cut and we came home. Jesse gave me a sucker on the way home, I guess I was being a good girl.  As soon as I came in the house Rick tells me that he had just hung up the phone with my surgeon. He said that she called because the hospital where we were planning on having my surgery done couldn’t put me on their surgery schedule until the end of next month so she called over to another hospital near by and scheduled me for the 29th( next week). I was trying to convince myself that it would all be ok because I’m used to the staff there(at the first one) and I know my way around, I should have known better. The minute that I said anything about the hospital I should have known that something would go wrong. “Cindy’s Law” still apparently exists and is still in full effect. There was one thing that I didn’t like about the first hospital so I’m still trying to be positive about having to do this but it’s getting more and more difficult. Rick tried to make me feel better by telling me that the second hospital keeps pudding on every floor and the first one doesn’t have any at all that isn’t fat-free. Who in their right mind would voluntarily eat fat-free pudding. If you want fat-free just don’t eat pudding. That’s definitely one of those foods where every bit of fat counts toward the flavor. I guess it’s not the end of the world that I have to go somewhere else, I’ll just have to get used to the idea. My son is 22 today (Happy Birthday Justin), and my daughter turned 20 on monday.  They are both working and doing very well right now, and I can’t even take any of the credit because I only suggested things to them and then let them do things on their own. It actually works out very well when you do that…go figure. I don’t have children anymore I have adults, and they both seem to be doing most of  their growing by trial and error, but that’s what works for them, and I’m ok with whatever works for them. I have to quit smoking again. I had stopped a few weeks ago but then I decided that I didn’t want to quit. I actually went a week or so and didn’t have one cigarette. Now yesterday,the surgeon was explaining what she’s going to have to do to get what she needs out of my chest. She walked mom and Rick and I through some of the images from my ct scan and she explained some things to me. My lungs look like two new york strip steaks on the scan pictures(marbled). I didn’t like it, it looks painful even to me, and I know that I don’t have a cough anymore after I stop smoking for a week so at least until after I have this surgery I can’t smoke. I can’t even imagine how bad it would hurt to try to heal and take deep breaths with a cough. The surgeon actually suggested doing the surgery this friday but I told her I wanted a week of no smoking first, so she agreed that it would be better to wait. I guess that I should be thankful that I didn’t let someone else do the other two surgeries that I was told at first were the only way to get to the lymph nodes in my chest because this new surgeon said that if I had let anyone (including her) go into my chest the way they had suggested, that there was a good chance of me bleeding out on the table. I thought I was being funny and told my mother that I thought that was a great idea and that it would save me a lot of trouble. Can you believe that she didn’t see my humor but the doctor who has only just met me thought it was funny. I can’t help it that everyone doesn’t see the humor in the things that I think are funny. Rick and I just called and both sang Justin different Birthday songs a few minutes ago, he liked mine better because it was a funny one. It’s looking like today after I do my floors I won’t be able to do anything else because I’m already feeling tired and I haven’t even done much yet. I think that being tired all the time is the worst part about all of this cancer stuff. If I was just having pain I could do something about that but when I’m really tired all the time there’s not much I can do to fix that but drink coffee, and I think I’ve almost hit my limit of coffee this morning.


3 thoughts on “#62 “Cindy’s Law” strikes again

  1. New doctor, new hospital …. hhmmm, perhaps new & improved results? 🙂 The bleeding out on the table joke is awful … funny =) in your way. Rest up, sunshine …. you’re gonna need it! I’m glad you’re quitting smoking again & the doc agrees it’s better to wait a week to get some of that crap out of you. I think, too, the pudding is a big plus. Vaca’s are supposed to be regular foods, and Rick may be a bit happier about having access to the pudding, too. You know how care-takers like to nibble on food! Give my love to everyone & a little extra to keep for you!

  2. Hi Cindy, how’s things.
    I have been taken off Taxotere because of very bad side effects. I’m having to have a break and maybe go back on FEC. Chemo really doesn’t agree with me.
    Have you been to the new hospital yet.

    sending lots of love


    • Hi ali, I was wondering about you. Chemo sucks and I really can’t think of anything I hate more. I’m so sorry that your having issues with the SE. I had to go and have some tests done so only a few hours in the hospital. I won’t be able to have the scans until at least next week but I’m in no hurry to do that either. Go figure,right? Hopefully a good rest is all you need to be well enough to finish your treatments. How’s your arm doing now? I hope it’s healing better than before.
      All my love,

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