#65 Easter candy has healing properties

I had a wonderful dinner at mom’s house yesterday, she makes the best comfort food.  (right up there with Rick’s comfort food) I wasn’t able to stay for long because the pain from walking on my crutches was worse than usual. Somehow I managed to get sores from the bandages so every step got worse and worse. I can’t wait to have all the bandages taken off by the surgeon so that I can start to get back to doing some daily chores without worrying about getting sweaty because then they start coming loose. I love ham and all the trimmings and mom sent Rick and I home with a dish of the chocolate covered strawberries. It’s always nice to have some leftovers for later. I would have liked to have both of my kids at the dinner table with us but Justin was working the night shift, not to mention that he’s on the east coast, Jesse had to have her dinner delivered to her at work, thank’s to her daddy she had her meal just like she liked it while it was still hot. He took her dinner before he sat down to eat so that she wouldn’t miss out. I don’t know if she knows that he waited to eat until after she had her food but she knows that he would do anything for his little girl to be happy and well taken care of, that’s just how he is with his kids. His own father would never put a bit of food on his own dinner plate until all the kids at the table had made their plates so I guess that carried over to how Rick takes care of us. We didn’t have a big party or tons of candy around, we just had a nice small family dinner with the ones who could make it to mom’s house and that’s perfectly fine with me. I like the quiet. I would have also liked to have the rest of the family there but everyone can’t always make it to every holiday. Easter isn’t as big of a celebration as it was for us when our kids were little so there wasn’t as much candy and gifts as there used to be. I did leave with a big bag of dark chocolate M&Ms though so all was right with the world. My mother has been planting a garden around a huge tree in her back yard and the plants were starting to come up so it’s looking like summer is right around the corner, and we should have plenty of veggies to eat soon. Rick decided to try to grow potatoes in our back yard so between him and mom we won’t be going hungry. I think they’re planning to make a ton of salad, I am surprised that the dirt in my back yard is good enough to grow anything but weeds. I want so much to go out and do yard work, any work outside would be OK with me. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything that makes me sweat at all yet. I never realized how much I love to be working outside until I couldn’t. I’ve run out of yarn so I can’t work on my blanket until I get some more so I’ll have to come up with an idea of something else to keep me busy. I’m getting very tired of just sitting around the house when I know there are things that need my attention. I know that I shouldn’t complain when things could definitely be worse, but here I am complaining. I need something to do. I think I’ll eat some of the M&Ms and think about that.


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