#66 I was tired of waiting

I tried my very best to keep those terrible bandages on as long as I was supposed to but it just didn’t happen. I think that for the average person having great big strips stuck to their side and chest wouldn’t get in the way of moving around, but I have to move my arms every time I take a step on my crutches. Even in my wheelchair I have to move my arms sometimes so the bandages just wore off a little bit early. I do have to admit that the scars don’t look as bad as I was thinking that they would and that makes me very happy. I was expecting a six-inch cut between my ribs to be healing over but instead all I found under there were four little one inch cuts that were almost all the way healed. I still feel like I was speared right through the chest from the back to the front though. I have a few bruises left from where they must have had to prop me up onto my side during the surgery that make me feel like I’ve been beaten up. I did still have the bandages on when Rick convinced me to go grocery shopping with him yesterday but as soon as we came home I could feel that they were mostly unattached so I just helped them along a tiny bit. I don’t think that the surgeon will be upset about it though because I told her to begin with that nothing with me ever goes as planned. It does look like they stayed on long enough to do their job and Rick put bandages on the cuts so that they don’t get infected. It feels so good to be able to move freely again, although it does still hurt a lot. I decided that because I was able to get around the house better in my wheelchair that I should start getting back to my normal routine, so I cleaned my kitchen and mopped the floors but now I’ll be chilling in my recliner and watching a movie while I try to recover from my whole one hour of house work. It feels like I did a lot more than I actually did but I’m just happy to be able to have done anything at all. It drives me crazy to just watch my house getting dirty and not being able to do anything about it. Rick and Jesse have been in charge of the housework so it definitely wasn’t done to my satisfaction. I don’t need everything to be perfect but when the trash can is over-flowing(I took out the garbage too) that’s just too much for me to handle. I bought a great big bag of M&Ms to keep me busy for a few days and Rick and Jess had some errands to run so I’ll have the house to myself for the majority of the afternoon. To top it all off my mother bought me three packages of yarn to go into the blanket that I’ve been crocheting. Now if I can rest up enough to get outside to the weeds in the back yard I’ll be satisfied with what I’ve accomplished for the day. I told Rick this morning that when he wanted to know how I’m feeling all he has to do is look at the yard and see how it looks. If there are a bunch of weeds then I feel terrible. Next step will be turning the pool blue again because that’s bugging the shit out of me too.


6 thoughts on “#66 I was tired of waiting

  1. Hi Hun, glad you can do a bit of housework I did a bit too. I go for my chemo on Friday so I hope my body can stand it. My long lost mother called today after two years I told her I had breast cancer. She said “the woman down the road has breast cancer and is ok” no crying, no how are you, no how are the kids- she can only remember the eldest child’s name.
    She did say she still had my address and would send me a photo of her front garden.
    Take care Hun

    • Ali, I’m so sorry to hear that your mother isn’t the person you want or need her to be. I’ve heard a ton of people saying that Brease Cancer isn’t any big deal anymore. The thing that I hate the most is when people say that everything will be fine. No it won’t! There still isn’t any magic cure and just because someone else lived through it doesn’t mean that everyone will. Good luck on the next chemo, I know how hard it can be on a body.

  2. Good luck on the chemo Ali…& dontcha wish we got to pick our family sometimes??…ugh! We just gotta love em anyway, i guess and get on with gettin on . Life’s too short for much else. Glad ya got some work done, Cindy… if ya can get that man of yours to come fetch me …i’ll help ya clean 🙂 …it’ll only cost ya a few M&M’s 😉

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