#67 Hospice called yesterday

I had a phone call yesterday from HOV and they want to send someone to my house today to see if they can set up a way so that I can just have a nurse come to my house when I need anything that I would normally have to go to the er for. All of my doctors are ok with it so now I have to just go through the set up process. This does not mean that I’m dyeing any time soon! I hate it when people just assume that they need to start digging my grave when I say that I don’t want chemo…I would much rather live a full life for as long as I can, and hospice could help me do that. I want to get back to doing the things that I was doing before. I know that the most exciting thing I was doing before was going for walks with Rick…and repoing the occasional car when I was needed, but I liked the way my life was and I don’t have any interest in lying around the house every day all day when I could be doing something…anything. I think that when I’m feeling better I’m going to call a friend of mine who Rick and I used to sub-contract repos for and see if he has anything I can do. He usually has a stack of repo contracts that he won’t ever work so when I tell him that I’m bored he hands me some. We have a few other friends who all own repo companies so maybe I should just go back to work. I don’t see how I’ll ever be able to do what we used to do though. We would work an eighteen hour shift, running all over the valley and then sleep for four hours and jump back into the truck. It doesn’t sound as fun as it was though. We both had a blast bringing in cars and trucks…many were very expensive and just so we didn’t chance hurting them with the tow truck I would just get the keys from the debtor and drive them in. One time I drove a car in the middle of the night without any dash lights from an hour away because it was voice activated and I couldn’t get them to turn on, from what I’m told by my husband I was going about one hundred miles an hour around corners on the freeway and I had no idea that I was even speeding. It just handled really well. Not my fault. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who will buy a Mercedes and then not be able to pay for it. I understand when people can’t pay for the only family car and me taking it from them is a major inconvenience, but when Rick and I were younger we didn’t have a car for a long time and I was in my wheelchair and we had two babies in a stroller all walking over a mile just to get groceries, so I do know how hard it can be, but a car is not a basic necessity of life. If we could manage without one than anyone can. So I never felt guilty for taking them, and sometimes I would even set people up with another dealership to get another more affordable car with cheaper payments. It was just so fun to hunt for the ones that people were hiding, it was like playing a game. Where’s Waldo-only with a vehicle. I didn’t like doing the impounds though. More than a few times we had to take cars that were just parked wrong or in the wrong place and some were right under the bedroom windows of trailers so we had to be super quiet, and with a tow truck lifting a car it isn’t easy to be quiet. Rick used to try to make so much noise that the people would just come out and move the car but usually they would just sleep right through the whole process and we would have to take the cars into the yard. Repo men do seem to get a bad wrap though, but it isn’t their fault that someone didn’t make the last three payments or that someone chose to park in someone elses parking spot. Most repo men (and I say man because I don’t know of any women other than me)are good people and will do everything they can to be helpful to the debtors to keep their car, retrieve their car or get another one. They are only doing a job that is thankless and can be very dangerous. We were only in danger a few times and it was never a big deal, you just have to know how to treat people with respect and let them know that it isn’t a personal attack against them. I really would give anything to be back in a truck again. Hopefully I’ll get healthy enough to go with Rick when he goes back to work after he gets his neck fixed enough to work. I can’t wait. I could start tracking down cars from my house and just let someone else go pick them up until we can do it again. That might give me a way to feel like I’m doing something again. I’m pretty good at talking people into giving up vehicles when they know that they’re up for repo. I guess I better go take my shower and get ready for my meeting with the lady from hospice. Sorry for the rant about doing repos…I just miss it so much. After I have my meeting I plan on going out back by the pool with my tiny shovel. I either lost one of them or my daughter hid it again to keep me out of the yard. I do keep an extra tiny shovel hidden…just in case.


6 thoughts on “#67 Hospice called yesterday

  1. Hi Hun, I hope all goes well with the lady and if it makes life easier for you than great. What a good idea about getting back into your old job. Yes I think you should be the main man giving orders and getting all the credit.
    When are you getting the results from last surgery?
    I’m not looking Forward to my surgery and waiting for results.
    Did I tell you I’m getting my garden made over soon I can’t wait.
    Chemo tomorrow so did some housework, I get so tired after and have to rest.
    Take care Hun

    • I don’t think they would hire me, they know who I’m married to, not to mention I know what happened to the last guy who had that job. I was thinking more of just working out of my house on contracts from other companies and that one doesn’t do repos at all anyway.

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