#73 My insurance company sent me a joke

At least I thought that it was funny. When I was put inpatient in the hospice for the first time a month or so ago it was because they wanted me to be watched while they upped my meds more each day for over a week until I could barely stay awake. I was told that it was better for me if I kept a high level of pain meds on board all the time so that I wouldn’t have the pain flair ups that I’ve been having. It wasn’t my idea but I was I went along with it. The funny part is that my insurance company has now sent me a bill for each time that I was admitted because on my addmition sheet my Doctor said that I have Breast Cancer with bone mets and other mets.  If not treated the patient will not live longer than six months. The insurance company then said that was not a good enough reason to be admitted inpatient. Of course I’m not planning on being dead in six months but they have to say that to have me be admitted into hospice. Then they just keep admitting you every six months. I guess it’s just a billing game they play. I actually started laughing when I read it. The next day I had another one. I figure I’ll just let them hash it out and I’ll just stay out of it. I’m feeling a little shaky from decreasing my meds but there’s no way I can stay in that condition. I’ll be fine as long as I don’t let anyone talk me into anything stupid again. I have been known to be talked into things pretty easily, but I’m trying not to. Now I have a ton of house work to do now from letting it go for so long. Rick sucks at cleaning. Actually he just ignores it unless I tell him directally that something needs to be done. Now if I lived in a video game things would be different.  He does take care of enough though to keep the house standing until I’m feeling better and can take over, but then I try to do everything in one day. It’s a never ending circle. I decided to wear a bathing suit today and realized that it fit’s my chest perfetaclly. It somehow is fitted to fit my DD breast on the left and my nothing on the right, how cool is that? I just had to mention that because I thought that it was so odd.


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