#76 Back from the surgeon with news.

First, no cancer in my lungs. However I have Respiratory bronchiolitis, interstitial pneumonia, and pulmonary fibrosis. The doctor said that it’s not going to go away but it might get better if I quit smoking. She still mentioned that she thought that I should be having chemo and I had to go through that whole conversation with her again about why I don’t want it. She said that it was probably from the chemo that I had before which kinda confused me because she was telling me how the chemo damaged me already but she wants me to have more. I’ll always have lung problems but it shouldn’t be anything that progresses very fast, although she said that later on it would be getting worse. The only question she didn’t answer was why my tumor markers were elevated. She ruled out the lungs for now so I can get back to trying to get back to some sort of normal for me. I’m still worried but not as much as I was and for that I’m grateful. Iwould rather have a persistent cough than lung cancer any day. I hope this news makes a few people feel better but I won’t mention any names. (MOM) I’m tired so it’s nap time for me, I’m doing OK as far as the meds. I really thought that today would be turning out much differently. Thank GOD that sometimes even I’m wrong.


4 thoughts on “#76 Back from the surgeon with news.

  1. That’s great news it’s not cancer
    Maybe you could really cut down on smoking, if I can do it with my wine you can too.


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