#77 It’s gonna be a great day!

I had a reality check this morning that I thought was worth writing about. I woke up this morning early and was all alone so I fed the animals and made my coffee, then I looked to see what movie was on and I found the movie Letters from Juliette. I just finished watching it and if you haven’t seen it it’s a love story about a woman who lost her first love and went back fifty years later to find him. She did find him and married him. It made me think about when I was a teen running around with the love of my life. I actually did a double take when I realized how lucky I really am. I never did lose my first true love, I married him. He’s not awake yet but when he does come down stairs I’ll have to tell him about this movie and what I suddenly remembered about Rick and I from years ago. Over the years we’ve raised our kids and made a home together but I think I have to take the credit for letting things get old. I’ve been so tired and so sick that I had forgotten what I did have. Things could have gone in a completely different direction over the years because when we would fight one of us would leave for a month or so but we always managed to work it out. I couldn’t live without him. He’s so much a part of me that when he’s gone I felt like I couldn’t breath. After all that’s been happening to me lately I really needed to see that movie. I’m actually smiling and doesn’t happen very much anymore. It was one of those movies that makes you think “who was my first love?’ And then I remembered…it was Rick…it was always him.  I’m going to have such a good day now. I don’t hurt today and I feel all right. I do have a lot to catch up on though, so I’m going to cut this short. My poor husband hates when I’m in a really good mood because that means that I’m going to want to do a lot today and he’s going to have things to do to help me.  This is all his fault for sleeping in and leaving me to watch a love story alone. I think that this is the first time in a long time that I’m actually smiling and I have to say that I don’t mind at all. All though I’m not used to being happy so this could take a little practice.


2 thoughts on “#77 It’s gonna be a great day!

  1. Cindy what a lovely blog today I love that film too. Sarah (middle daughter 16) and I are great film fans. Sarah can name old and new films and tell you all about the many books she reads. I think she would like to be a film critic.
    DH has his car a Nissan GTR very nice and I got a second hand Suzuki Jimney. My garden has been put back to July because of bad weather.
    Having Lumpectomy on Tuesday so cleaning today and washing my very thin hair.
    Tomorrow Neil and I going to a car show, can’t wait to wear my wellies

    Love & hugs


    • Ali,
      It sounds like your doing ok too and that’s great!!! I hope that this next surgery goes well for you and you recover quickly. We love cars too that’s why we love doing repos and I miss it so much because I was able to drive so many different cars. I didn’t do any gardening lately either because it’s too hot and I’ve just been too tired but we did get some much needed house work done this morning. Let me know when you get home how it went I’ll be waiting to find out.
      Love, cin

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