#81 I’ve made a comand decision

I have been trying to work myself up to being able to go out for my birthday so I could sing a little bit and get to see some friends that I hardly ever see anymore but I changed my mind. I decided that since Rick is determined to have the pool cleaned this week and I do need a new karaoke machine, it would be fun to just have some people over for a party at my house. It definitely wouldn’t cost as much as going out and it would make me so happy to be able to have my new machine to play with every day. Every time my daughter wants anything she says that it’s all she wants in life. Well, this is all I want in life. I want my karaoke machine replaced (I burned out the laser on the last one) and I want to see some friends that I haven’t been able to visit with in a long time. I’ve been to tired and sick and in pain to even call anyone. I still make Rick answer the phone all the time. I actually bought a set of phones for my house that announces who’s calling so I don’t have to look. I know that sounds bad but there are still days when I’m not good for much of anything. I am pretty good at having parties though and people like to see what kind of things I do for them. I like to make everyone happy so that means having good food and things to do that everyone likes. I have a strip of land on the side of my back yard that is perfect for a horse shoe game so that’s also on my list. Diane if your reading this yes I’m making my bread bowl spinach dip. The only thing I’m waiting on to get things going is both mine and Rick’s checks, which will both be here this week. I just want to make sure that I have at least one of them in my hand before I tell everyone for sure. It just sounds like so much fun to have a few bud lights and sing all night. I just had a phone call from my son Justin in New Hampshire and he and his fiance Ashley are doing good. They’re moving into their own place soon and spending their weekends at the lake. Sounds good to me. He was actually laughing on the phone, which is a very welcome change. They’ve had some difficult times getting started there but it’s getting better now. I used to have a really nice tan from being outside but over the last year it’s faded. I don’t think I’ve been in the sun much so I’ll be wanting to go to the lake myself as soon as I think I can go out on a boat for at least a few hours. My brother shares his boating experience with us once in a while and now he’s bought a new camper but I haven’t seen the inside yet. I hear it’s nice though and hope to go out and play with him and Robyn sometime this summer(Hi Jason). I hope enough of our friends will come and hang out with me on my birthday this year, I didn’t even celebrate last year because I wasn’t well enough, so if it sounds like I’m trying to make up for lost time…I am. I know that a lot of our friends don’t know what to say to me, so I think I’ll put a sign on my front door for the party that says “Don’t ask me how I’m doing! That should solve that issue. Oh, I can’t wait to be able to sing again.


3 thoughts on “#81 I’ve made a comand decision

  1. Sounds good fun, my youngest is a great singer she is the only one who can sing. I have my reading glasses now so I can read your blog better. Doing my arm movements and getting some feeling back a bit. My skin has got so dry over night maybe I can have a soak tomorrow. Sleeping on and off can’t wait for the drain to go. Hubby loves his car and I can’t wait to drive it again.
    Will we ever be the same again Cindy, I think not but I do thank god for everyday I’m still alive.
    Hugs to you

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