#82 I must be doing better

It seems like forever since I tried to plan  any big projects in my house, but those home fix-up shows have me wanting to rip out my back yard and start over. We are also having the entire house carpeted this week, but that’s been in the works for a while now. The yard thing is new. Most of my yard is sectioned off by the pool and surrounded by rocks but whoever built this house obviously had kids and animals. I have the smaller part of my yard fenced in and it only grows weeds and crab grass.  Even I can’t pull that many weeds, and I can’t stand to look at it anymore. I was sitting in my front living room yesterday while Rick was in the other room watching a movie and I just decided to get up and find a pile of unlined paper and some of my son’s drawing pencils. I don’t draw, let’s get that straight, I never could, but I started to draw out an outline of what I want it to look like when I’m done, and about an hour later I had a very detailed garden with a fire pit and seating area as well as where I wanted every bush and plant. I even found a way to redirect the backwash outlet for my pool to help with watering some of the bushes. rick has just been looking at me like I’m crazy and shaking his head every time I mention it. But, like I told one of our friends yesterday, when it’s done Rick’s going to want everyone to go and see “HIS” new garden. That’s OK because I think he’ll just get in my way while I’m working. Did I mention that other than hiring someone to rip out all of the old yard that I plan on doing most of this by myself? Now I never said that I could do it in a weekend. In fact, I plan on it taking a few weeks because I can only do so much at a time in my wheelchair.I am going to go to a nearby nursery and ask what would survive my attempt at building an entirely new garden, ya know I don’t want to have to do it twice, and decide from there what I’ll plant. I do know that to get around to all of the planter boxes to care for the veggies on one side of the garden and flowers on the other I must have some kind of hard path big enough for my wheelchair. I want stone pavers but if this starts getting too expensive than hard packed pebbles and sand with brick trim it is. I think on some level I need to prove to myself that I’m still here. I’m still good for something, and this is exactly the kind of thing that I would have done before I found out just how bad the cancer is so I think I really do need to do this. Here’s what I do know for sure…my tiny shovel isn’t going to be much help!  Just to top off all the other upgrades this week I’m having someone paint my stairway and landing before the carpet comes so it will look nice and new. Rick and I already painted the whole downstairs but for this high part I’m going to have to let someone else do it because I couldn’t figure out a way to get me up high enough to paint the 20 ft wall. I wish I had a bob-cat, then I could do it all…I could see myself getting a bit carried away with one and digging up a utility line or something. I better leave it to a professional. Other than being really really tired(and coffee helps with that) I’m feeling OK. I have a bad cough that won’t go away and I’m having to use my oxygen at night, but during the day I move around enough to help with that. Rick has been threatening to take away my coffee if I don’t quit coming up with new projects, but that’s not gonna happen and he knows that. It’s nothing new. This is going to be a fun week because we’re also planning my birthday party for next weekend. I think I need more coffee.


6 thoughts on “#82 I must be doing better

  1. Hi Cindy, well I am getting a puppy tomorrow( Lhasa Aspo ) very sweet. So now I’m going to have to think my garden make over. I wasn’t going to have grass but now I think I will have some. The gardener won’t be happy with me, just as well he hasn’t started yet because of bad weather.
    Drain comes out tomorrow, do they just pull it out?
    Sounds like good project us doing our gardens, it takes our minds off this bloody cancer.
    A week tomorrow I get my results, can’t wait for some good news.

    • Ali, Yes they just tell you to take a deep breath and they pull them out. It goes fast enough that you don’t know it hurt until it’s done. I was so happy to get them out that I didn’t mind the little bit of pain at all…and that’s not an easy thing for me to go through because of being so sensitive to pain. If I can do then you will be just fine. Just think of how great it will be after you get home and can start to do the things that you can’t do with those things in your body. In other words, think happy thoughts. You’re absolutely right about gardening! I don’t know of anything else that makes me feel better. Now I have to try to find some of the materials that were hopefully left over from other peoples jobs because the estimates I had given to me were more than I expected to pay to have the old yard pulled out. I’m pretty good at finding people with left over things so fingers crossed that I can find what I need soon.

  2. Cindy, girl you rarely cease to amaze me! It’s summer, you’re in one of the hottest parts of the country and your dream & intention is to rip out and re-do your yard! I sure wish I had some of your gumption!! I hope to see pics, before, during & after your yard makeover =0) I love watching those TV shows, too, but I’ve yet to be inspired enough to actually Do it LOL. Although, this year I have some green pepper plants that are finally starting to grow nicely and Basil seems to just love me! Oh my gosh, added some of the fresh Basil to our spaghetti sauce & the difference was divine! WOW! Parsley isn’t growing as bountifully as the other two, but it’s still working on it.
    Your gifts should arrive just in time for your birthday =0)
    I love ya!
    ps please, please, please keep some water with you & stay hydrated while working outside -it sounds fabulous!

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