#85 One of us is going on vacation

I thought more about Hawaii, and although I had a blast with Ray when we visited him there a year and a half ago I’m too afraid that my lungs wouldn’t do well in that humid weather. In other words Rick’s been told by me and Ray that he’s going to Hawaii without me. I’ll be staying home all by myself…well with my animals anyway. I don’t want to have issues with house sitting and pet sitting but mostly I’m just too scared to go anywhere anymore. Yesterday I was having a really difficult time breathing because of the weather here(extreme heat and humidity)  and had to go see my doctor to order more oxygen. He wants me to wear it all the time but I don’t see that happening. It can be a major pain in the ass, not to mention that this unit I have is really heavy and I have to either keep it upstairs or downstairs but I can’t be moving it around. I also had a concern with Rick’s health but the doctor yesterday said that he would be fine to fly so I called Ray and told him that I couldn’t go but that I was OK with Rick going. Ray explained to me that someone would be going in my place, he was just waiting to see if I was going first because his condo isn’t very big.  I was told that their mother would be going in my place.  Ray isn’t even going to be  there for the  whole nine days that he wanted Rick and I to stay but he thought it would be a nice vacation for us and we’d have some time alone in Waikiki before Ray came home from Tennessee in time to have the ceremony to receive his Captain’s Bars. So, Rick only found out that his mother was going in my place after he told Ray that he’d be there. Yes, I’m sending my husband on a nine-day vacation with his mother to Hawaii. Poor Rick…Poor, poor Rick. Don’t feel too bad for him though, he is getting to go to paradise for nine days.  Rick made a remark about being concerned about me going out to do karaoke without him while he’s gone and I had to laugh. “Really? You think that in the condition that I’m in you need to be afraid that some other guy is gonna hit on me while you’re gone?” Get real! Like I told him…I’ll stay home and take care of all the things that I always do and maybe have Diane over to stay with me because she’s been wanting me to teach her how to do the next crochet stitch. She made a whole blanket all be herself with the one stitch I taught her last time. Now I’ll have no choice but to be in a good mood all day.  I didn’t want Ray to not have any of his family there for him…and now he won’t be there alone.


2 thoughts on “#85 One of us is going on vacation

  1. Hi Cindy
    Sounds great fun for Rick and what a fab place to go. Think it’s best you stay at home I hate the heat and when I went to Disney and Egypt it was horrible.
    I went out with my best friend today and I found it hard work walking. We had to keep stopping for drinks and cake and I kept getting dizzy and faint.
    My arm still not right and I don’t think it will ever be the same again.
    Neil has his last exam next Monday then he has to decide which network to go with.
    It will be good for Rick to have a break I think Neil could do with the same.

    Cheers Alison

    • Ali, don’t give up on that arm just yet. It can take up to a year to fully regain all of your feeling and motion. I still have an area under my arm that is completely numb but I did get everything else back. rick’s been pouting about having to go but I want at least one of us there for his brother. I think he’ll have a good time.Maybe Niel should do something for himself, it’s easy for me to forget sometimes that I’m not the only one suffering through my illness.

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