#88 Finally going out to dinner

My poor mother has been waiting a month to take me out for dinner for my birthday and I’m going to give it a shot tonight. Rick hasn’t ever been to the place that we’re going to and I haven’t been there in years so this should be fun. I still have a really difficult time going out because it’s usually all I can do to take a bath and get dressed before I’m completely out of energy. I decided that if I just give it my all I can make it out to dinner and back again without doing any extra harm to myself.

I just came back home from dinner at The Cracker Barrel and it was really good. Rick loved it and we all have lunch for tomorrow(bonus). It’s nice to have a normal day again. We used to go out to eat with my mother a few times a week but ever since I’ve been sick I just get too tired to go anywhere. I will be going to bed early tonight though but not because of pain…I think I just ate too much and that made me tired. Now mom wants to try to go see a movie that I’ve been wanting to see for a few months but I told her that I would need at least a day to recover before I venture out again. I don’t want to push my luck.


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