#89 Just a side note on repos

On my blog dashboard it shows me what people put in the search engine that brings up my blog and I found a funny one this morning. It said “How to park your truck so it doesn’t get repossessed”.  So here’s my answer. You can’t! Any good tow truck driver can maneuver a tow truck into position to pick up any vehicle at any angle. If your picking up a bigger vehicle you just use a bigger tow truck. I was picking up a car one night with Rick and when we couldn’t find the owner to get the keys(we weren’t in a truck that night) I watched our friend pick the car up sideways like it was on a fork-lift. Funniest thing I had seen in a while…that car went about five miles sideways down a major road to the yard to be secured. We had many vehicles where the owners obviously tried to put it where it couldn’t be towed but we never left one behind because of where it was parked. Here’s my advice…Pay the vehicle payment and don’t bother trying to hide it. Repo men (and women) take it as a personal challenge to find and recover every vehicle possible. We’ve had bets with other recovery agents to see who could find and bring in(with the keys) the most vehicles in one shift. I think our record was 20+ cars but that also included impounds. If anyone tells you that prepossessing your vehicle isn’t personal that’s only half-true. It is a job and needs to be done, but people don’t usually do it just for the money. It’s the biggest rush I’ve ever had and I’m very proud of myself for being able to do some of the crazy things we had to do to get some of the cars. I usually only had to knock on doors and demand the keys and drive them in but there will always be someone who doesn’t understand that they don’t actually own a vehicle until that last dollar is paid off. That’s where the trucks come in. If it took us more that 30 seconds to take a vehicle with a truck something was wrong. I do miss it and I think that if I ever get another chance to take another car I would jump at it no matter how crappy I felt. The adrenaline would take over anyway. So just make the payment or call the lender and get an extension. If you don’t talk to the lender they come for the vehicle faster because they think you’re being evasive which makes it a priority recovery.



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