#92 More Scans…Really?

I’ve been saying for a while now that I don’t want anymore scans, but now I’ve been told that I have to for the doctor to be happy with the direction that I’ve chosen for my health care. What’s ironic is that because I had to get the office number for the imaging place that I went to before, I found a scan that I had a year before I even found the first lump in my breast and on the report it showed the tumors under my arm. I was never told and it was never mentioned to my doctor at the time. I was being checked for cancer then but not in my breast…it was focused on my leg and stump but it clearly states that they could see the tumors  on the scan. I probably never would have even seen that previous scan if I wasn’t being pushed to have another one. I’m not too sure what to think about it but I’m not looking to try to sue anyone for it, rather I want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Really it’s just a great reason for me to unload on the guy who dropped the ball. When I was calling to make the appiontment to have the scan I found out that the tech there can’t hook up my port to inject the dye that would show if I have anything new but the oncologist is the only place that can even write an order for me to have my port accessed and she’s out of town for the week. On top of that she thought that I was not ever coming back to see her again so she took me off her service…now I have to start over with her when she comes back to work which puts my scan off for at least a week while the paperwork gets done to put me back on her service.  I took all my scans to my primary doctor’s office to make sure that they have copies, along with the results from some blood tests that I had yesterday that showed my white blood count to be pretty high. That usually means an infection. I don’t feel any more sick than I do every other day, although I am really tired again and have a bad cough that doesn’t ever seem to stop. I guess that considering my situation things could definitely be worse than they are, so I’m trying not to make too big of a deal of everything. I’m being a very good girl and doing what the nice doctors want me to do even though I think it’s all a waste of money and whats ultimately worse.. my time. It’s amazing all the hoops I have to jump through, still. It makes me wonder if it will ever eventually stop so I can focus on more important things like fudgsicles  and karaoke. I know that Rick would love for me to be able to do more things than I’ve been able to. He can’t help but be bored but when I try to explain the fatigue to him he just tells me to take a nap, like that even helps. I wake up tired no matter how much sleep I get, that’s why I drink coffee with my morning meds and vitamins(and M&Ms). Maybe I need more coffee during the day. I’ll try that.


4 thoughts on “#92 More Scans…Really?

      • I read another blog just before yours from a woman that had a double mastectomy because of her BRCA status. She found out yesterday she was not given the right information and was in fact negative. I cannot wrap my head around either situation, yours or hers.

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