#93 Finally!

I’ve been known to be found in my yard with a tiny shovel pulling weeds and cleaning up leaves out of the rocks but with the breast cancer diagnosis and then the lung disease diagnosis I’ve not had the energy to go outside in the heat without struggling to breath. I’ve gone out to doctor’s appointments in the car but other than driving by the yard I hadn’t really been looking at it too much because I knew that I was not going to be happy with what I would have seen. At the end of my driveway I know about one weed that grew there for long enough to become a bush so I knew the neighbors were looking at it every time they drove by or went outside, so today I thought what the hell, why not give it a shot and try to get rid of the weeds out front. I came into the office, grabbed Rick off his computer and asked him to come out front with me for a minute. He didn’t argue and followed me out with a broom and I grabbed a garbage bag. This whole adventure only actually lasted a few minutes. I went straight over to the biggest weed and started there…a few minutes later we had all the weeds pulled out and swept into the garbage can. It felt so good to have done something that I would have been able to do without even thinking about it before I was sick. At least now I know that I am getting some of my strength back and hopefully I’ll be able to gradually do more things around the yard. I like getting dirty and if my front yard looks better when I’m done it’s a bonus. I still have to go back out later and pick up some palm frauns that fell from the trees, but other than that the yard looks like somebody is taking care of it again. I always said that if anyone wanted to know how I was feeling just take a good look at my yard and my plants. I know none of this sounds like a big deal, but to me this is what I used to do everyday…work on my yard. Cancer doesn’t just attack your body, it attacks your whole life and it’s definitely taken a lot from me that I would love to get back. Since I don’t have to do anything with doctors for a few more days I plan on trying to do a little more each day and see what happens. I would love to say that I’ll have all my energy back in a few days and be back to normal but that actually happening is more like a dream than reality. So, now I’m just happy to have been able to go out long enough to make a difference. To me anyway.


5 thoughts on “#93 Finally!

  1. Pleased you got to do something you wanted. I went on two walks with puppy I still can’t do hill walking but I might try this weekend.

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