#94 For Me? Wow!

Yesterday I returned a phone call to the imaging place where I have to go for the PET scan next week and I was told something that still has me in shock this morning. As I mentioned before, I have a port in my chest because I don’t have anywhere on my body to put in an IV, and I’ll need an IV for the dye to be injected before my scan. When I called there a few days ago to schedule the scan I talked about this to the tech and told her that I would need to put off my scan until I could get an appointment with the oncologist… because her office is the only place that even has anyone who is qualified to insert the needle into my port at all. Now, yesterday I was informed by the tech that they had a meeting after speaking to me on the phone about needing to go somewhere else, then to the scan, then back to the oncologist just to get the IV started, and they decided that even though they don’t often have a request for port access that they should have a nurse there one day a week that could access a port for any patient that would need it for the scans to be done. They actually hired a specially trained nurse because I had a special request. I can’t believe that they went to such measures just because of me. I know that this will help other people as well, because the last thing that cancer patients need is to have to go running around to different places to have the tests that they need. What a great bunch of people they are to have done something that means so much to me. I was told that this nurse was going to be there every Wednesday and that they would schedule all patients who would need her services on that one day a week. I know that this is costing the company money, and I didn’t even ask them to try to get someone there to help me. I just figured that when I was told that they didn’t have anyone, that they never would have anyone. So… everyone in the medical profession doesn’t just dismiss everyone elses needs (like I originally thought). How refreshing to have found a medical staff that took the needs of one patient and thought that accommodating that person(me), as well as a few select other people was worth looking into. I must now find a way to make sure that they know that what they are doing is a great thing. Maybe a basket full of muffins would be appropriate? I don’t know, but I do know that I’ll put some thought into a gift for their office staff and management as well as a well thought out thank you letter that they can then display to the other patients and office staff so that everyone who goes there can see that they really do care about the people they take care of. The new nurse will be there for me on Wednesday(they must have hired her right away). I told the tech on the phone yesterday what supplies they would need and she was very happy that I mentioned that because they didn’t know what to order.  I had to laugh because she was so excited that I knew what they needed to order. This one experience changed my whole outlook on the medical profession in one phone call. I hope that this will make it easier for other people who would otherwise have had to go to a lot of needless trouble to get a scan at this one very considerate office. I hope that this is just the beginning of a great day for me. It is definitely no small victory. Now, I’m going looking for my tiny shovel.


4 thoughts on “#94 For Me? Wow!

    • Knot Telling,
      That’s exactly why it makes me so very happy. It was for everyone because they saw my need for it. What a great gift they gave me and everyone else who goes there…I hope they know that.

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