#99 When it rains…

Rick has been doing very well at keeping the pool nice and clean, but when I went outside early in the morning while the pool was still running I saw water coming out of the pipe that comes out of the filter. Rick had told me that there was a little leak but this was way more than a leak…more like a flood. I told him that I would try to find someone who could fix it, and while I was looking on the computer for a plumber Jesse said “mom have you seen the ceiling in the dining room?” So I hurried into the dining room and the ceiling had so much water built up in it from the air conditioner that the ceiling was separated from the wall and there was a six-inch wide wrinkle going all the way down to the floor. I can’t even imagine how much money these repairs are going to cost. This is definitely going to be an insurance claim.Rick called Ray to tell him what was going on so now Ray is flying in from Hawaii in about a week to deal with the insurance company. I wouldn’t be so concerned about the dining room leak but the downstairs air conditioner is right where the leak starts and I’m afraid that if it gets any worse it will cave in. I think it’s rained here more this month than any other month in recent years, hopefully it won’t rain again before we get the house fixed.  I’m so tired, and I’ve been this way since I wrote my last post. I can’t count how many times I’ve sat down at my computer with the intent of writing in my blog and nothing would come out. I just didn’t have anything to say other than “I don’t feel good”, and I didn’t think that would make for a great read. I’m going to try some extra strength coffee this morning in the hopes that I will suddenly be filled with energy. I’ll let you know how that turns out.


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