#108 Let the day begin.

Apparently I’m now a clutz. Yesterday when I was writing my morning post I went to put my headset on my desk and turn around to go outside, but somehow I caught a cord on the front of my wheelchair and pulled on my computer tower hard enough to tip it over. One computer down! I run into things with my chair all the time but I don’t usually cause any damage. My hard drive somehow isn’t hooked up anymore so it won’t initiate windows at all. Now I’m having to use Rick’s computer. I don’t like using it because he bought it last year specifically for his games so I’ve never used it at all. I didn’t even know what the password was so of course he gave me shit about asking for it. He thought he was being funny but I had just written the entire post and didn’t know if it was lost or not. Luckily WordPress saves all material every twenty seconds so it was all there when I logged back on. I don’t know what I would do without my blog. It’s become my way of getting through all the crap that’s happening with my sanity still in tact. I do feel much better today, and Rick made sure that all the housework was taken care of while I was out of commission these past few days. The insurance adjuster did come by on friday and he told us that we have to have our entire dining room and livingroom ceiling scraped and re-texture. We also need to replace the drywall in the dining room and have the roof resealed. When I went to bed last night it was just starting to rain and I woke up to the rain still coming down. It wasn’t pouring or anything, just raining enough that I’m worried to check and see if there is any more damage. Rick complained to the adjuster about the water dripping on our brand new carpet so he agreed to pay to have the carpet cleaned too. That will come in handy after the huge mess is made to scrape the ceiling. I do want to get the repairs done, but I’m not looking forward to the mess.  The carpet company has been trying to get me to make another appointment for them to come out replace the carpet that I threw a fit about, it was installed terribly on part of my steps. I’m going to call them this morning and tell them they can’t come until after the repairs though. I do have a few other things to do today so I think today is gonna be OK. I feel all right except for the cough that I’ve had for what seems like forever. Yesterday I went up and down the stairs so many times that I managed to pull a muscle in my shoulder but it isn’t too bad this morning. I have a feeling that I won’t see Rick for a few hours yet, he stayed up until one in the morning to be able to pick Jess up from her second job after working twenty-three hours straight. Oh, to be young again. I really don’t know how she’s managing to work all the hours she’s working. I think she did get a nap on my couch for about forty-five minutes before she worked all day and then all night. She wanted us to buy her a few red bulls to help her stay awake and although I hate energy drinks(because I think they’re dangerous), Rick went to the store and bought her one. I hope it helped. I haven’t seen her this morning. I guess Rick took her to her apartment. She hardly ever goes home so she’s letting one of her friends stay at her place to take care of her kitten and he cleans her house for her. Jess says it’s like having an old man housewife(I think he’s twenty-five). I’m just happy that she found someone to stay there to help out. I didn’t like her leaving the kitten home alone so much. I was surprised that her second job was in a group home for disabled people. I guess when they wanted to know if she had any experience with taking care of disabled people she told them that she has twenty years of experience living with me. She’s very good about knowing when to ask if she can help with something, and when to let someone do things on their own. I’ve purposely taught my kids how to run a house from the time they could reach things, just incase I couldn’t do things for them they were able to do everything on their own. Now if I can get them to keep their rooms clean when they’re here…that would be nice.


6 thoughts on “#108 Let the day begin.

  1. Morning, Sunshine!
    I hear that clutz actually runs in the family … but luckily, it’s not a constant companion (for most of us) it just comes periodically to remind us to be a bit more aware of our surroundings.
    LOL. As for the hard drive being disconnected/dislodged, that should be an easy fix -got Jason on speed dial? Snag him for 5mins before he skips town again =0)
    Jesse sounds like a real worker & trooper -will you tell her I miss & love her? I’d love to hear more about her new job =)
    Good luck with your home repairs -how much more rain until they can complete the work?
    *hugs & love*

    • Elaine,
      I haven’t called Jason yet but I think I will. I don’t know if he’s going to have any free time to look at it but I’ll ask. Rick keep giving me shit about tipping my tower over and he said that he doesn’t want me to brake his too. I told him…well, you know what I told him. 🙂 I either have a tan from being outside yesterday, or my freckles are growing closer together. My neighbor is coming over again to help me with all the new weeds(we did her weeds yesterday). We had just enough rain to grow the damn weeds back but the water is only coming through the ceiling from a crack in the caulking on the roof. Easy fix I’m told. Only about $125.00. The inside is going to be fixed a little at a time, with the damage being fixed right away and then the cosmetic stuff over the next two months probably. I’ll tell Jess you want to talk to her. I know she likes her job at the group home and she’s tried to quit at the store but her manager won’t let her quit. Everybody loves my Jesse. 🙂 TTYL 🙂

  2. I’m impressed you’ve got so much energy to write, wish it was me! I’ve got a translate project deadline coming up and I can’t seem to collect my thoughts long enough to get anywhwere with it.
    Any grand advice? 😉

    • Judith,
      I know exactly what will help you. First you have to wake up at what I’m told is “the butt crack of dawn” and make a pot of strong coffee. Then you have to make a big bowl of M&Ms and eat them while you drink the coffee(with flavored creamer) and you have to do all of this way before anyone else is awake in your house. I don’t even have a TV or radio on in the morning…too much distraction. Then I sit at the computer for anywhere between ten and thirty minutes just writing down whatever comes to mind. I would think that this would work for getting your project done as well. I hope you do very well with that deadline coming up. I hope this helps 🙂

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