#109 I’m getting my tan back again, slowly

So yesterday I decided that I was going to call my neighbor and see if she wanted to visit with me while I tried to get some weeds pulled in my front yard. I was just at her front door asking her about it and Rick came outside and yelled at me that we had to hurry over to my friend’s house because something was wrong. I wheeled myself back across the street and grabbed my crutches and Rick and I drove over to her house. When we pulled into her driveway she was standing outside and was very upset because someone had broken into her house and she didn’t know if anyone was still in there. Rick and I went in the house and we checked all the rooms, looking to see what was going on. There wasn’t anyone there but everything in the house had been gone through. Everything was a mess and she always keeps a very well-kept home so it was really clear that someone was there looking for something. We tried to see if anything obvious was missing but because we didn’t want to touch anything we couldn’t really see what if anything was taken. Rick called for the police to come and we waited there trying to figure out who could have done this. While we were waiting we noticed some things sitting out that were tossed around but not taken. It still doesn’t make any sense to me that someone would go to the trouble of breaking into a house and not take some of the things that were sitting out in the open. The police officer came and took pictures and was dusting for fingerprints when we left. My friend had called her boyfriend and her daughter to come home and see if their things were missing. As far as I know only a few pieces of jewelry were gone that they know of. I’m very upset about this because the cop said that she thinks that they were looking for drugs and probably meant to go into a different house. So now we don’t have a clue who did this or why they went to so much trouble to wreck the place and not take things that were left sitting out. I have had my house broken into a long time ago and I remember that it wasn’t the missing items that bothered me. It was the fact that someone had gone through my house and I didn’t know who was going through my things. I hated not knowing, so I think I know what she’s going through right now. Hopefully it was a random one time thing and they didn’t see any reason for going back again. I would love to get my hands on the loser that did this to my friend! After Rick and I came back home I saw my neighbor out in her front yard with her weed-eater. I went in the house and traded my crutches for my wheelchair and  headed across the street to help her with her yard. She had a few weeds that needed to be pulled so I started on that while she cut her little patch of grass. She stopped and went over to a little gardening wagon that she brings out when we’re doing yard-work and pulled something out of the little wagon. She was holding up one of my tiny shovels. I started laughing because I thought that my daughter had hidden it from me again, but my neighbor said that she had found it in there and thought that I was going to be angry with her because she had it since the last time we were pulling weeds in her back yard. I must have dropped it in there and forgot about it. It wasn’t her fault but the look of fear on her face was priceless. She really thought I was going to be mad at her. I assured her that I was not angry and in fact I thought it was funny that everyone thinks that I’m so sensitive about my tiny shovels. I bought a whole set of them so this one being gone wasn’t that big of a deal. I still had three others to play with. We finished up her yard and started on mine, but about ten minutes into working in my yard I realized that I had hit my limit for the day and suggested that we start-up again in the morning after she dropped her boys off at school. We figured that we should try to get to work on it early this morning before the sun makes it too hot to do very much work. I really want to get my side yard done before I get a ticket for not doing it. Our side yard is up against the street so we have to keep it nice or the city complains. I did stay outside long enough to get a little hint of a tan. I was starting to look a little too white so that made me happy. I’ve already had my coffee and it’s still pretty early here so I think I’ll see if there’s a movie on this morning to keep me busy until I can go upstairs and get dressed to go out and play with my neighbor. I have a feeling I’ll see my friend over here today too. I don’t think she’s going to want to be alone in her house for a while. I wish I knew who would be heartless enough to put her through all this trouble. It’s a shame that some people just don’t care what they do to other people, but luckily Karma is a bitch!


2 thoughts on “#109 I’m getting my tan back again, slowly

  1. Ugh, I am so sorry about your neighbor!!! It is so upsetting and makes you feel violated to be robbed in your home. This just happened to my aunt – she was on a long trip and the thieves removed the air conditioning unit from her window and got into the house that way! She’s lived in the same house for 40 years, quiet street, lovely small town in the mountains. They ransacked the place – walked right past a new laptop, a plasma TV, etc and took all of the meds from the cabinet and jewelry. She lost all of it, including some things of my grandma’s. The only good news is that one of the pins was really unique, so the cops sent pics of it out to local pawn shops in the hopes they would recognize it, and they could arrest the punks. I am sure they were kids looking for drug money and drugs. This is becoming more common these days. At least your neighbor and my aunt weren’t home, who knows what could happens when you have drug desperate people? Crazy world we live in!!!

    Hope you get your side yard done! Wish I lived out there, I’d load the weed whacker in my SUV and come visit with you for the day 🙂

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