#110 It wouldn’t stop raining long enough

I’m so happy this morning because we were able to find a contractor to fix the water leaks on the house and the pool. We won’t be starting the other repairs on the damage that the water did until a week or so from now(when Rick gets paid). I can’t believe that I found someone who was a good enough person to take what little money I had (which was twenty-eight dollars) and go to the store, buy what he needed to do the repairs on the roof and the pool pipe and do the work without demanding payment right then, and no, I didn’t play the cancer card either. Not that I think that he missed the fact that I was sitting in a wheelchair with only one leg, but I didn’t make a big deal of it. This guy climbed onto my roof while it was raining to fix it for us, and didn’t complain about it being wet at all. I did ask him if he was sure that he wanted to do that because I really didn’t want him to fall and get hurt, especially after he was being so nice to us. He told me that it was only just sprinkling and it should be taken care of right away because we never know when a bad storm will pop up out of nowhere and do worse damage, so I agreed that he should give it a shot. He was happy just knowing that I had enough work for him to do around the house to keep him busy for a while. We didn’t expect to have to put money out but the insurance company only sent Ray a tiny little check, the deductible was way higher than I have ever had one, so I didn’t expect Ray to have it so high. If he’s OK with it then so am I. While this contractor will be here anyway, I mentioned that I had a few other jobs that I could have him do and he was very happy to hear it. He’s an older guy so that made me comfortable with having him in the house, but after talking to him for a while I could see that he’s just an honest hard-working man. Those are hard to find anymore. Anyway I’m happy, Rick is happy and Ray is happy. Now about my yard. I never did make it out front yesterday because it kept on raining and Rick wouldn’t let me go outside. I had to stay inside all day, but there were some OK movies on so no big deal. It looks great outside this morning. No rain and it’s not very hot this morning either. Lately it had been getting too hot and humid for me to go outside by 9:30 in the morning. Rick wanted me to get him up early today but I don’t know if I want to do that. I can never tell if he’s going to be in a good mood when I wake him up too early. So, I’m drinking my coffee and popping a few M&Ms, and when I’m awake a little more I’ll go upstairs to take my bath and get dressed in my ‘getting dirty in the yard clothes’. I’m totally fine with it being quiet around here, I haven’t seen Jess in a few days now though. I hope that that means that everything is going fine with her two jobs. My kids can go a very long time without calling me because they get so busy, that doesn’t bother me, so no news is good news with them. I’m in a pretty good mood today too so hopefully the rest of the day I’ll stay in this mood.


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