#111 The One Lovely Blog Award :)

I love it when other people who read my blog every day think that I’m doing a good job. I don’t think that I write about things that the average person would be interested in, however the readers who do come to visit my blog are usually ones who can relate to some of the things that I’m going through. I try to keep it very simple and only write about things that I’ve lived thought myself, so for those who do understand my blog my heart hurts for you. I think that if I hadn’t gotten so many wonderful compliments on my writing subject, and my sometimes different ways of explaining things, I might have stopped writing long ago.

Yesterday I found out that someone who I admire very much, SwittersB had nominated me for The One Lovely Blog Award’ . How great is that?! Ever since I began writing, I only wrote with the intention of helping myself process all the crazy things in my life, so just the fact that anyone understands me is a great thing. There are a few things that I’m supposed to do to accept this award, so I’ll do that right now.

I’m supposed to tell you a few unsolicited /quirky things about me and to point toward other notable, inspiring blogs that are equally One Lovely Blog and deserving of an award.

1. I can’t eat any food that someone other than my husband has touched.  (I get a lot of grief for this)

2. I love my home and don’t like to go other places very often if I can help it.

3. My favorite place to be is in my bed at night, on freshly cleaned linen sheets with a book, propped up on a bunch of overstuffed pillows surrounded by Rick, Cali and Bob (who takes up way more room than he needs).

4. I’m more direct with people than I sometimes should be. I think it’s a waste of time to ‘beat around the bush’.

5. I take on people who need my help, as a project, and do everything I can to teach them how to pick themselves up. ( I don’t like when I fail at this but I can’t help everyone).

6. In stead of eating bananas, I have Rick freeze them and make them into banana ice cream…with M&Ms on top

7. I hate to spend money. Shopping for things other than groceries makes me feel guilty for not putting my money to better use.

Now to give you seven other blogs that I think are well done.

1.  Judith Thomasberg             Judith is a great writer and very funny. She is getting through very tough times with humor. Great job Judith!

2. Mainelyhopeful                      Susuan is trying to get through the worst of times with the most amount of grace. I’m loving it Susan!

3. The Sarcastic Boob              Scorchy is funny and sarcastic and real. I love that she doesn’t ‘hold back’.

4. The Cancer Kitten                Cathy is an inspiration to everyone who ever goes through anything new and terrible. She has a great spirit and it shows in her blog.

5.  denise4health                      Denise has not only been going through many cancer treatments of her own but she also helps other women who are facing similar issues. Way to go Denise!

6. Bucket List Publications Lesley and her husband and her baby travel the world looking for adventure, and they certainly find it. Great writing Leslie, it’s like you’re taking us all with you!

7. Hoarding Woes & You      Gary has two blogs but this one is my favorite. It shows what a giving and unselfish man he is. Thank you Gary for giving us all a look into your life. I just couldn’t finish this list without you on it my friend!


10 thoughts on “#111 The One Lovely Blog Award :)

  1. You should not be surprised that you were nominated for such recognition. It is amazing how much we learn and can help other people when we just write for ourselves. You’re too kind, Cindy. Thanks very much for the mention.

    • Gary, Just seeing all the work you’ve been doing, to give all of those dearly cherished items of theirs the respect and attention that I’m sure they both would have wanted from you, is enough to make me believe in the good in people.

      • Thank you. We try and it comes up often enough that people do recognize we operate from a loving, forgiving, respect for these women who were way more than their hoards.


  2. Thanks Cin,
    How can I not like this??? ;D I’m glad, my writing means something to someone else beside myself.
    I haven’t really studied all the details of blogging like the award and such. But you deserve this honor, you’re an inspiration!

    • Judith, Thanks, I’m more than happy to pass along this award to you and the others because I think that you’re all doing a great job. I had never even read a blog until I started mine so I know what you mean.

  3. I am up in the woods of British Columbia for two weeks where I irregularly am able to check in with the “real world.” I just opened my email and checked up on your blog. Thank you! I am grateful that you feel I have something “worthy” to say. I also am grateful that you write what you do.

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