#112 More to do, Yay!

I did manage to get outside for a few hours yesterday and my yard looks much better already. I’m about to go upstairs and get dressed so that I can work on the weeds by the street so that I don’t get a ticket for not taking care of them. They’re not too big yet though so it shouldn’t be too much trouble. I do need to find a pair of gloves that I haven’t put holes in the fingers so that I don’t keep on poking myself like I did yesterday with all the ones that had prickers on them. I never see the prickers before I grab a hold of them either. You would think that by now I could tell which kind are which and I could figure out a way to get them into the garbage bag without drawing blood. I don’t much care about the tiny pokes in my finger, but I seem to always prick the hand that has no lymph nodes to filter out any infection that I might pick up from poking myself. I plan on trying to get my front patio swept and bagged up, someday I’ll remember to put a few chairs out there so that when people come over and we’re all talking out front, they can have some place to sit other than on my flowerbed wall. I’m still sore from leaning out over my wheelchair to pull the weeds yesterday, so I’m going to bring out a cushion for me to sit on the ground with. I’m in a really great mood today so I might be able to get even more done outside today. I’ve kind of been trying to pace myself so that I don’t get burned out these past few days, but doing hard work is so much fun for me, I wish I could stay out all day. Rick never does let me stay out for more than an hour or two at a time so that I don’t hurt myself too much though. Now I just need to figure out a way to keep and bugs from trying to walk on me. I hate bugs, and apparently the bugs hate when I dig around in the yard (aka their home). It’s going to be a short post today because I really want to get started outside. I feel very good today, with the exception of being achy from being inย  the yard yesterday. It’s all good.


6 thoughts on “#112 More to do, Yay!

  1. Hey wonderful lady! I am quickly passing through. I had a huge crisis with the book (formatting issue), but I just figured it out. I was literally in tears, but I googled the issue and found the solution, saved me at least 30 hours of work, I figure. Thank goodness!! Big sigh of relief. After having the blue screen a few weeks back and the big scare that I’d lost everything, I’ve been on the rollercoaster with this thing! Ready to hit “send” next Friday and never look back!

    So have you seen these long poles that have an electric charge and you touch to the weed and it kills them, like it collapses the cells or something? Not sure. I was thinking of looking for one on Amazon. That does take the therapeutic fun out of pulling weeds and working with the bugs and dirt, though!! We are renters and have this really long stone driveway that just fills up with weeds, it drives me a little crazy. I thought if I could get this miracle stick and just go out and touch all of them, that might be easier than what I try to go through now! I do like Sept here because you know fall is coming, and the weeds and everything else is going to turn brown here in Va soon. So I just kinda let it go! Do you ever have that kind of season in AZ where stuff stops growing?

    I’m so glad you have your energy back and that Rick is doing a good job of making sure you don’t overdo it. Yay! I love your blogs, please don’t stop sharing and telling us what’s on your mind. I would love to come sit on your front porch. When this book is done, I feel like I need one of those weeks at a ranch somewhere out there to just chill. Like stare at the pool for hours! Well my teenaged daughter wants to go with me, so guess it wouldn’t be so quiet with One Direction, Justin Bieber and whoever else would be coming along! LOL!

    So happy this is a good week for you, friend. Take it easy and I’ll be back soon to check on you. Love and hugs!!

  2. Jenni,
    I bet you are going to let out a great big sigh of relief when you hit send and that book is on it’s way. You’ve really been working so hard on it, I hope you get a nice relaxing break for a bit when it’s finally all finished. I don’t like using tools on the weeds other than the tiny shovels, that way I can get dirty. Don’t you still have to pick up the dead weeds anyway? or do they just fade away on their own? Rick is very good at knowing when to make me come inside and when to just let me be for a little bit longer. I’m ready for a little relaxation too…as long as it isn’t on the couch. LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰

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