#116 Bone scan today

I know that in the past I’ve been really very upset whenever I’ve had to go for any kind of testing , but for some reason I’m not worried at all about the bone scan I’m about to have this morning. I have to go in at 7:45 to have the nurse access my port  so they can give me the injection of radio-active crap, and then I have to go back again at 11:30 for the scan. Luckily I don’t have to fast at all for this one. I’m already having my coffee and M&Ms and it’s still dark outside. Rick saved the day yesterday by going to get me a brand new bottle of my favorite creamor and a great big bag of M&Ms. I had posted on my Facebook page yesterday that I was out of both of them and that was about to have a nervous break-down because of it so Rick said he was going to the store for milk and came home with all my favorite things. I’m so spoiled…but in a good way. I don’t know if it’s considered being spoiled if I appreciate it, but I do know that I’m forever grateful to Rick for being so good to me. I try to spoil him too but he’s one of those people who doesn’t want very much. As long as he has his computer, his cell phone and dinner on the table every night he’s about as happy as anyone I’ve ever seen. And he’s the one who does all the cooking so all that’s left for me to do it just to be nice to him. I set my alarm this morning for five am just in case I didn’t wake up on my own, and I accidentally woke him up when I was getting out of bed so he’s up with me this morning. I am curious to see what the scan says, but after the last scan I just don’t feel like this one is a very big deal. I figure that even if there is anything in my bones it wouldn’t make much of a difference because cancer in the bones isn’t as bad as if it were anywhere else…like in my lymph nodes, and I already know about that. I had a phone call from Justin and Ashley yesterday and it seems like they’re having a really hard time getting things to go well for them, and because Ash has my first grandchild growing in her belly I don’t like that they are so far away. I was happy for them that they wanted to move away far enough that they could start over with a clean slate, but now I don’t like it at all. I feel like I could be there so much more for them if they were closer to us. Hopefully things will get better for them and they won’t have to worry so much. I know that they are both doing the best that they can, and everybody has to learn life lessons on their own. I still wish that I could do more for them though. I like buying baby things and Rick is already trying to think of things that he can send to them. Rick’s a sucker for babies. It’s actually kind of cool outside this morning so I might be able to have my bath and make it all the way back downstairs without being covered in sweat. That would be very nice. I can’t wait until it’s really cold every day so I can wear something other than shorts and a tank top and we can keep the house opened up. I think Rick just fell back to sleep in his recliner so I better wake him up so we can both start getting ready to go to the imaging place. I feel pretty good this morning, no major pain and the coffee and M&Ms gave me  the energy that I need to climb back up the stairs. We have to leave a few minutes early because we are dropping Jesse of at her meeting with HR to talk to them about the report she made the other day about another employee being abusive to a client. She’s worried that they might fire her for reporting it but I really hope that they just want to get all the information on the incident so that they can take action to make sure it doesn’t happen again to anyone else. If they do fire her for this I may have to get involved but I try very hard to stay out of my kids problems unless they specifically ask for my help. With my big mouth that can be really hard for me to do, but I would rather they learn how to handle things on their own. Well, off I go to get ready to be poked and prodded, but if I’m a good girl during the scan they’ll give me a juice and a granola bar. Yay. 🙂 Rick and Bob look so cute sleeping together that I don’t wanna wake them up.


10 thoughts on “#116 Bone scan today

    • Gary,
      Thanks, It went pretty fast and I stayed in a great mood all day but now I’m very tired so I feel an early bed time coming on. Rick is my rock and he he does have a lot on his plate right along with me. He’s just such a good man and I hope that I deserve him.

  1. I can’t tell you quite what it means to have you “talk” with ~me~ everyday! It’s wonderful, bonding, appreciated, loved & all kinds of warm fuzzy stuff =0) I really like that you’re able to get around and do more of what you want to do …. and you give yourself time to recover afterwards, too! The pics in the last few were a nice surprise -that I look forward to now, as well. These blogs mean so much to me, that thank you hardly seems enough to let you know that …. but know it comes from deep in my heart!
    I hope those new gloves are soon in arriving -to prevent stickers from sticking you. I hope the repairs on the roof are really soon in completion. I hope coffee & m&m’s still make your day start with a smile. I hope you know how much you’re loved!

    Love, Laughter & Hugs

    • Elaine,
      I love you too and I hope that these daily posts can give you a good idea of how we’re all doing. I just figured out how to put pics in the posts so I’ll try to keep doing that but I don’t have very many pics that were taken lately and I was just telling Rick today that I think it’s time for some new ones. We have been starting the repairs and hopefully they won’t take long to finish. I’ll try to keep giving updates on everything that’s going on for you. Love you bunches!! 🙂

  2. Cindy, you are one amaziing lady, and I so wish that we in our lifetimes could rid the world of all these nasty cancers that affect so many people’s lives. I feel lucky that I have been cancer free for eighteen years now, but I feel sad that you have to endure so much in your quest to conquer this yourself. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you everyday, and it’s wonderful to know that Rick is there to keep spoiling you along the way. We all love you Cindy, and are waiting for the day you report that the cancer is ALL gone. Hugs to you.
    Love, Aunt Carole (and Uncle Bill)

  3. Hey Cin! I am late checking in, I had my head down all day staring at the computer except for the school runs! I am glad the scan is over and it wasn’t too bad. I just love that pic of Rick and your pooch snoozing, how sweet!!! You have a great family. I hope all works out for your girl at work, too bad she is going through that. As we used to say in the military, never walk by a problem. It’s hard though ughhhh. Well sending all of you thoughts and prayers tonight! I planted two huge purple mums in my pots today on the front porch, guessing it is still too hot for them in AZ?! Chilly here tonight!
    Catch you tomorrow, hope you are sound asleep right now !

    • Jenni,
      I totally agree. If you’re not part of the solution…you’re part of the problem. They did want to get more info on the incident from
      Jesse, so that was what they wanted to see her about. I haven’t been able to talk to her about it yet to find out everything because she’s been at work so much, but I can’t wait to know what they had to say to her about it. What’s funny about that pic of Rick and Bob is that it happens all the time. Bob likes to sit up in the chair like Rick does. I think he has Rick very well trained, Bob even lays on his back in the bed between us with all four of his little legs in the air because Rick sleeps on his back. 🙂 I must have slept very well last night because I woke up in the best mood today. I told Rick that I was in a great mood this morning and he just shook his head, like I was about to give him a long list of chores to do, but I told him I’m more than happy to do it all by myself…I don’t know if he believed that though. LOL 🙂

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