#123 Pinktober…already???

I am a perfect shining example of why some women who have breast cancer hate when October comes around every year. I do not think that I speak for everyone, however I have spoken to hundreds of women who refuse to go anywhere this whole month because everything  everywhere is “pinkwashed”. If I were to delve too deeply into why fundraising companies for “the cure” do not do what they say they do I would be here writing about that until next year. So, I’ll just try to stick to what I think about “pinkwashing”. First of all companies know what they’re doing when they take advantage of how people feel about breast cancer(one in every eight women will have breast cancer in their lifetime) and they also know that the people who see anything pink will just assume that that company will be donating a big chunk of their profits to finding a cure. Not true at all. I was confused to find out that there are many people who believe that if they produce a “pink” product that that is all they need to do. We’re aware, now we need a cure! The messed up thing is that there are so many people who think that chemo is a cure…nope, not a cure. It’s a treatment that kills cells…ALL CELLS! Although it can kill some cancer cells it also goes around your body killing off the much-needed cells of the body that keep us alive. The fact that not everyone dies from having chemo doesn’t mean as much as we would hope. All it means is that they can poison some people to the brink of death without actually killing all of them. Even then the cancer usually comes back, it’s just a matter of when. I don’t like cancer, and I really don’t like breast cancer so when I see companies “pinkwashing” it makes me sick to my stomach to know that most of the money that people expect to go toward finding a cure will only be filling the pockets of unscrupulous companies. I do think that there are companies who go out of their way to donate funds for research as well as awareness but not as many as you would think and they don’t all donate what they say they do. They have to keep track of where their money goes when they claim to be a non-profit organization, but still some spend more on paying themselves than they use on research. If you want to give your money to help to find an actual cure that’s great, but please look at where you’re giving and make sure that you are spending your money where you think you are. I would never hand my house payment to a complete stranger and just hope that they paid my mortgage with it. Just a guess… but I’m thinking that nobody would. So, why in the world would anyone donate money without looking into what is being done with that money? Now, I myself was diagnosed this time of year because it’s when many doctors push for women to get a mammogram. So last year I was very impressed with all the pink everywhere and I really thought that I was doing a good thing by buying anything “pink”. I was very surprised to have found out after further investigation that it’s just a marketing scheme for many to earn a few extra bucks at the cost of just pulling a little bit on people’s heart-strings. Sounds too terrible to be true doesn’t it? Like I said you can always look for yourself and see what percent of the money really goes where you want it to. And it didn’t start off as being a pink ribbon. It was a peach color and a large company made their own ribbon pink to be able to keep more of the profits from fundraising. Pink used to be one of my favorite colors. Now it’s just a reminder that not only do I have breast cancer but also that people will always take advantage of marketing to people who feel very strongly about helping to do away with this terrible disease. I still have pink ribbons that I think are really nice so I post them sometimes, maybe I shouldn’t…maybe I’m part of the problem if I do. I would love to be able to help with finding a cure…just tell me who’s really using the money for that.



One thought on “#123 Pinktober…already???

  1. I totally agree!! I saw a post from a lady out on the boards about JC Penney – they aren’t selling anything pink, with ribbons, etc – instead, they are offering free haircuts and styling to BC ladies, will donate $1 to BC research and are asking customers at check out if they want to donate money and it will all go to BC research. Yay, JCP! 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling well today, friend!

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