#132 Unbelievable!! Now Jess is sick!

I’m so used to having things go wrong with me but I hate it when my family has problems that I can’t fix! I haven’t been writing for a few days because I was just trying to get used to being home again and starting to get my house back in order when everything just went to shit again. My daughter has been sick for three days now with a sore throat and she went to the Dr to get an antibiotic. It didn’t help at all so I made an appointment for her to be seen by our pcp yesterday morning. He gave her liquid meds to take but she couldn’t even swallow them and by lunch time yesterday she had collapsed on my kitchen floor. Her throat hat almost swollen completely closed and she was having a really hard time breathing. I called 911 and they were there in my kitchen with her in under two minutes hooking her up to an IV and they were worried about her airway being so closed up that they rushed her to the er where they finally were able to get some IV meds in her to start getting the swelling to go down, and thank God for that because they were about a hair away from tubing her. She couldn’t talk all of last night so I stayed there with her to talk for her because they had a ton of questions for her to answer. You would think that this is the worst part of what happened. Nope. They did a ct scan in the er and the Dr came back and said that they could see the infection in her throat but he was more concerned with the spots that showed up on her lungs, and they couldn’t say for sure what these spots are. So they have now admitted her to the hospital and are calling every consulting Dr they can find to run every test possible on her because the Dr there knew about my history and agreed with me that they should make sure not to miss anything that could be more serious. I hate asking them to do more tests on her but better safe than sorry. Hopefully it’s just an infection that went crazy and will be healed soon so she can come home again. I don’t want them to rush anything though. She’s being very well cared for, but she told me before I left that she was sure that the hospital staff didn’t like me. I told her I don’t give a shit if they like me or not, my concern was that they take me seriously when it comes to my daughter and after a little coaxing they are doing that. I did think that I would have to push the Dr harder to do more tests on her than they would normally do but he totally agreed that it was important. So I came home to rest for a while and Rick is taking Jess her phone charger so she can text her friends. We’re still trying to find her best friend but when we do rick is going to pick her up and drive her to stay with Jess for a while. I have a feeling that I’ll be back up there in the recliner next to her hospital bed before bedtime tonight. I think I’ll feel better there.


7 thoughts on “#132 Unbelievable!! Now Jess is sick!

  1. Oh no!! I am so sorry about Jess. I hope she is feeling better soon and that the spots are nothing that can’t be fixed with large doses of antibiotics! I hope you were able to sleep in her room, I know it would make you feel better to be there with her. Yeah, I’m with you – who cares if the hospital staff likes you or not, that’s your girl! Hell hath no fury like mother who is protecting her children. I am sending all of you thoughts and prayers. I haven’t been feeling well and was down with a migraine on Friday, and now we’re getting ready for the big storm, but I will get to the post office as soon as I can to send you my surprise, sorry it is late!! I am thinking about all of you tonight.

  2. Omg, poor Jess she must have been so frightened. Praying its an infection and nothing more.
    My Gemma went out with girlfriends in London and got her wine spiked. She ended up on the floor fitting and fell on her arm. Thank god she was with her friends and they were with her at the hospital.
    We knew nothing until the next morning as we live 8 hrs away.

    Sending you lots of love


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