Jess is recovering … I think


Hello Everyone, it’s Elaine, Cindy’s sister ~I’m back to help out a bit =0)

I’m writing for Cindy because she’s staying in the hospital with Jess. Jess agreed -after Cindy convinced her- to let the doctors remove her tonsils and anything else that was infected in the area. Apparently, it was a lot of search & remove, because the pain Jess is in now is terribly incredibly awful. They removed her tonsils, adenoids and poked around in her sinuses so the infected stuff is gone, but in their place ~serious pain. Cindy said to think of your worst pain and it’s 10 times worse! The doctors said following the surgery, that Jess may be able to go home in about 2 days -which is great news for Jess, since she wants to go Trick or Treating with a very special young man.

Now to back up a little, in Cindy’s last post, she talked about how Jess got to the hospital. No need to go over that again! But this whole illness is baffling to even the Infectious Disease doctor! They put Jess on IV antibiotics and steroids and after 2 days she wasn’t getting better, but worse! Jess was waking up every once in a while screaming in pain, so Cindy had them hook up the pain meds where Jess could push a button to give herself pain meds. That helped somewhat -she was still hurting terribly! They ran all kinds of tests, nothing was indicated in her blood work. In fact, that doctor came in the room, threw his arm up and said he didn’t have any idea what was wrong with Jess! After more scans they finally gave her a different kind of antibiotic for bronchitis and that helped some.

So things were looking better! The four friends Jess hangs out with came to visit -and to be cautious, they all wore masks and gloves. They goofed around took pic’s and joked about it being funny with Halloween coming up & them being in costumes. Jess’s best friend was going to spend the night with her, yesterday, after the surgery, so Cindy could go home and get some rest (she is sooo beyond exhausted). Cindy hadn’t heard from her, so she called her mother to see what time Rick should go pick her up & Wham! Two of the girls who came to visit are sick like Jess. Cindy told the mother to be sure to tell the doctors at Urgent Care about Jess & and that the CDC is involved trying to determine what is going on.

So, Cindy’s still at the hospital with Jess. Mom and Rick did bring her some home cooked food they ate in the cafeteria, ‘though!  Rick joked and said he got all dressed up to go out to eat at the Thunderbird cafeteria! Speaking of eating! Cindy says the only thing Jess has been able to eat is the hospital pudding that comes in a can from the kitchen -not the snack size ones that they have on the hospital floors because there’s something in them that burns the back of her throat- and Sprite! I actually talked with Jess the other day & she said the Sprite kind of tickled the back of her throat with the bubbles LOL. No other drink works, but she’s got Sprite.

Well, that about covers things through late last night. I will relay your comments today -please know we appreciate all of your kind wishes & prayers.




9 thoughts on “Jess is recovering … I think

  1. Hi Elaine, thanks so much for the update! I was really worried about Jess (and Cin) – please pass on that I’m sending thoughts and prayers their way! I hope Jess feels better with each passing day and that the antibiotics kick any remaining issues to the curb fast! I’ve heard that surgery is painful, poor thing! Hugs from Jenni

  2. I’m home for a few hours tonight to sleep so way too tired to write more about what’s happening. Jess is having a hard time healing right now but she wants to try to get out by tomorrow to take her three year old best friend out in his new batman costume. I’m gonna go crash(and I mean that literally) on my couch and pray that I don’t get a call to go back until at least morning. I need sleep before I accidentally kill someone. Thanks for all the well wishes 🙂 I will answer them all asap but til then you’re all in good hands with my sister Elaine. All my love you everybody… especially my sis. <3, cin

  3. Hi Cin, hope you got some rest!! Sending healing thoughts to Jess and hugs to you. We’re cleaning up from the big storm, my daughter just went back to school today and it was like a bad video game – going around downed trees, power lines and flooding rivers. The water is just now showing up here in DC from upstream, so we’re expecting it to be about 8 feet above flood stage. Fun times…not! At least we’re all not in NYC, looks terrible there. Catch up with you later, just wanted to stop by while I had a spare moment!! Take good care!

    • My Dearest Jenni, I hope all went well with the cleanup after the storm and nobody is hurt. I know you’re dealing with all the storm cleanup, and all, but I want my damn book!
      All My Love to you, My Dear Friend, Cin
      (she’s still in the hospital with Jess -and likely to be for another day or two)

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