Good Gosh! Jess is still in the Bleepin’ Hospital

Greetings Again, Our Fine Readers!Jess's 2nd favorite young man a year ago

I am writing again to share the continuing saga of Cindy & Jess in Thunderbird Hospital.

Cindy’s on an Apple Fritter sugar high after going to the cafeteria to get an iceee for Jess & sounds so much like she used to -you know, back in the days (a year or so ago) before the cancer poked its ugly Frankenweenie head up. Rick is a fantastic delivery person; he takes orders, goes to the house, collects items on the list & returns with them. Guess he’s so good at it cuz it’s like the Repo work -get the paperwork on a car, go to the house, collect the car & return with it. Hmmmm. Pretty much the same job description -only without the pay & benefits. Just sayin’.

The beginning of the week Jess was hoping to be bounced outta there so she could take a special young man Trick-or-Treating. She was sooo looking forward to that -really. Well, something about being in excruciating pain almost all of the time, slinging stuff across the room repeatedly, not recovering from surgery, having some unknown infection, that denies all attempts to identity & destroy it, prevents one from being discharged. Today Jess’s white blood count is at 19,000. Cindy says it could be from new antibiotic ramping her system up? We just don’t know.

Jess is -as you’re likely presuming- still in hospital in lots of pain. Dehydrated (how’s that really happen when you’re in the hospital & the nurses are watching over you like hawks, they see you’re not eating nor drinking as much as you ought to, yet the IV you’re connected to isn’t sufficient to keep you hydrated/nourished -so then they kick the IV-food bag drip rate to hyper-speed causing your bladder to need releasing every 5 minutes. Add to that, the pain meds that are somewhat helping with what pain meds help with, which also make you sleepy. If one sleeps, one’s body can work on repair work much quicker than if you’re writhing around in pain. But you have to get up to pee! Again!!  I just don’t quite understand the logic here -what am I missing?) This is Elaine-not Cindy-who probably has a better grip on that issue, but she’s not answering the phone in Jess’ room … maybe a doctor popped in?

Well, Jess has apparently decided to take after her mother & make her hospital stay as close to a vacation locale as possible. Two days ago, Jess was moved into a room Cindy calls a Presidential Suite. “I know I shouldn’t be excited about hospital room, but I am!” says Jess. The bathroom is the size of the previous room, there’s a space similar to a reception area also the size of the previous room, then there’s the area of Jess’s treatment area. It seems that somehow water drained from the first bathroom’s shower into room below, so maintenance work was required.  This Presidential Suite is also a handicapped-accessible  room -which makes it super easy for Cindy to get to either side of bed in a hurry (seems Jess gets tangled up in the tubes sometimes) or to help Jess in bathroom if necessary.

Back on the home front, Rick bought a weed-eater. Seems like a common item to have, doesn’t it? I thought it was a nice gesture, and would help with how often Cindy would need to go out and pull up the weeds.  I told Cindy that weed-eating wasn’t the same as weeding, but she said Rick “is taking my weeds away. They’re my friends.” Unfortunately, I laughed at her, she wasn’t impressed -she was serious. The weeds are truly her friends. I’m gonna have to be more careful next time -maybe she won’t hold it against me 😉 for too long!

Well, I’m off to play with my dogs who’ve decided the weather is perfect for playing outdoors -it is, too! Carolina Blue skies & a nice 68 degrees, with a hint of a breeze now and then. Beautiful! “Throw the frisbee. Now throw the ball. Now watch while I bury my frisbee in the pile of leaves then dig it out!” says Sparky -3yr old Lab mix.


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